Comparing The Side Effects Of Botox vs. Dysport

botox vs dysport injections wrinkle reduction

Botox and Dysport are commonly used for treating and preventing wrinkles. While they both serve everyday purposes and contain clostridium botulinum, they differ due to their potency of trace protein-making, one highly effective in comparison to the other. 

If you are considering either of the options and need the best medical spa, your research can start from a simple Las Vegas Botox and Fillers search on the internet. With plenty of options available, you can pick the one that caters to your needs. 

Now, let’s compare the side effects of Botox and Dysport to see which procedure is ideal for you. 

Side Effects Of Botox 

Botox is usually considered a safe procedure, having minimal side effects that disappear within some time without needing the assistance of a doctor. Post botox procedure, you can encounter some common side effects such as: 

• Headache 
• Redness 
• A moderate pain 
• Swelling and bruising 
• Numbness 

If you notice these mentioned-below symptoms, it is essential to know that they automatically resolve within a week post-procedure. However, rarely does botox result in paralysis and carries a negligible botulinum toxicity risk. 

Side Effects Of Dysport 

Similar to Botox, Dysport also has minor side effects post-procedure that resolves within a week or two. Some common side effects of Dysport include: 

• Irritation and rashes. 
• Slight pain at the injection site. 
• Headache. 
• Swelling around your eyelids. 

The side effects gradually go away within a week after the procedure. Although Dysport is a safe treatment, there are rare chances of severe side effects, including sinusitis, nauseousness, upper respiratory infection, and more. Similar to Botox, Dysport also carries a minimal risk of botulinum toxicity which results from injection spreading to the other body part. 

If you face any severe side effects or the minor ones are not going away even after a week, you should seek help from the medical professional immediately. They can evaluate what is wrong and further help you with the treatment. 

Since these are rare cases, it is unlikely that you will go through severe side effects. To understand what’s right for you and your wrinkle reduction needs, you can consult the right medical professional. 

Reducing Wrinkles Right

Irrespective of whether you are going with botox or Dysport, it is essential to have an experienced and right medical professional who can administer the procedure. Not having the right person by your side can lead to massive issues. 

To ease your research, you can contact Modern Wellness Clinic, Las Vegas, and get the best botox and Dysport procedure with maximum safety and excellent professionalism.

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