6 Lifestyle Habits To Keep Your Lungs Healthy

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Protecting your lungs is essential to your overall health. As you may know, lung cancer is one of the leading causes in the world. Just like any other part of your body, your lungs get old with time. They start losing their strength and flexibility which gives you difficulty in breathing. In such cases, it is advisable to look for the best New York pulmonologist. However, if you adopt healthy lifestyle habits, your lungs will function properly even in your old age. 

Following are some lifestyle habits to keep your lungs healthy: 

1. Start Breathing Exercises 

Doing regular breathing exercises is essential for healthy lung function. Like you are always ready to work out for hours to keep your body in shape, you can do the same for healthy lungs. During any exercise, your heartbeat increases, and to fuel your muscles, your body needs more oxygen. Start practicing aerobic exercises that will eventually get you breathing harder. 

Building strong lungs helps you prevent aging and fight any chronic diseases. Even if you get lung diseases later in life, healthy lungs will slow it down and help you live longer. 

2. Quit Smoking And Vaping

Smoking indeed increases your chances of having lung cancer. But in addition to this, it also exposes your body to other lung diseases like pulmonary fibrosis and asthma. If you are a smoker, these diseases can severely impact you as compared to a non-smoker. 

Every time you smoke, you intake thousands of toxins in your body, including tar and nicotine. These toxins make it difficult for your lungs to clean themselves and start disturbing your tissues. Quitting cigarettes is not an easy task, but it is worth it. 

You can also take appropriate medications as suggested by your consultant and put an end to smoking. Prescription medicines like generic Chantix and Wellbutrin have to shown to help reduce cravings for smoking and nicotine. If you have to get in your nicotine, CBD, or THC no matter what then you are better off with gums, lozenges, edibles, and patches when it comes to respiratory health.

3. Resist Pollutants 

Exposure to pollutants can increase your aging process and increase the chances of chronic diseases. Therefore it is necessary to decrease the access of pollutants by avoiding going out at peak pollution zones and exercising near heavy traffic. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents as well. Use a face mask if needed to minimize air pollution inhalation.

4. Reduce The Risk Of Infections 

You can develop infections at any age. If you have lung diseases, your risk of getting an infection is higher. The best way to avoid this is to keep your hands clean and avoid touching your face when you are outside. Along with this, drink plenty of water and eat vegetables and fruits, which will help in boosting your immune levels. 

5. Buy Some Frugal House Plants Or Air Purifiers

Purchasing frugal house plants like snake plants can help to increase natural oxygen generation in your home and improve air quality. Just make sure you water them and remove dead leaves or plants to avoid potential mold buildup. You can buy air purifiers as well which are less frugal but just ensure that you keep them clean and change their filters as needed.

6. Practice Deep Breathing 

By practicing deep breathing, your lungs create a better oxygen exchange. Deep breathing, even for a minute, is essential for your lungs and all their functions. They also help in relieving stress and anxiety. 

Have A Healthy Lung Lifestyle 

Your lungs are a crucial part of your overall health and wellness. Keep these tips in mind so you can breathe easier for years to come.

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