How To Never Miss Your Medication

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Having trouble remembering to take your medication? Do you have to take multiple prescriptions you need to take daily and at different times? Here is how to never miss your medication dosage. 

The 7 Top Tips To Remember Your Medication

1. Keep It Organized 

Make a point of keeping all your medication organized and in an easy-to-remember / reach spot. You can categorize them based on how they should be taken and keep them neatly on your bedside table or shelf. Keeping all your prescription medicine in one spot also reduces the chances of forgetting about one or two. 

2. Set A Reminder / Alarm 

Create a reminder or alarm on your phone to notify you when to take your medications. You can also rename the alarm to show exactly what prescription to take at that specific time too. This is particularly crucial if there are medications that should be taken at a different time than others. With smartphones today allowing you to add as many alarms/reminders as possible, you can set a custom reminder for each batch. An alarm clock can also help as well. 

3. Integrate It Into Your Day-To-Day Activities 

Don’t just see the medications as pills, but rather a self-care routine aimed at making you better. While a medication schedule might work with many people, integrating it into your day-to-day routine should/will make it relatively easier and much easier to handle. A good example of this is taking the medication before having that morning cup of tea, walking your dog, or taking a shower in the evening. This way, you will always remember your prescription drugs each time you think of hitting the shower or having your morning cup of tea or coffee. 

4. Consider Reminder Caps 

Reminder caps provide an excellent way to track when you last took your medication. Most timer caps reset whenever the pill bottle is opened, allowing you to stay on top of it. Most drug stores have these in plenty; all you have to do is ask. 

If you however prefer doing it the old school way, you can craft ways to ensure you never miss a dose. Most people love to flip their pill bottle upside down and only flip it upright after they’ve taken the dose. If it is way past the time you were supposed to take the medication and the pill bottle is upside down, you will automatically know and take it immediately. This is one of the most preferred strategies, especially by those that don’t fancy timer caps. 

5. Put The Medications In A Spot You Frequent A Lot 

In addition to keeping all your medication organized, you also want to keep them in an easy-to- reach spot. This should be an area you frequent a lot, such as next to the water dispenser, your bedside table, the kitchen counter, or simply next to the TV. Placing the medication strategically will ensure they are almost always in sight, making it harder to forget about them. You could also put sticky note reminders of the same on the fridge door as well. 

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6. Ask Someone To Remind You 

Having someone remind you of your medication is one of the best ways to ensure you never miss a dose. Although you don’t want to depend on them exclusively, the extra mind will come in handy mainly if you are preoccupied with something and forget about the medication. Although this should be someone around you most of the time, some people are responsible enough to send you a text or even call to remind you to take your medication. This should, however, be someone you trust and get along with well. It can thus be your best friend, a spouse, child, or a relative for as long as they have your best interest at heart. 

You should also work with your doctor and pharmacy to send you text, email, or phone call reminders about prescriptions running out, renewals, and when they need to be picked up or mailed out.

7. Familiarize Yourself With The Medication 

Don’t just have the medications on the table or counter; take time to know more about that specific prescription. Find out what the particular medicine does and how to ensure you never mishandle them. Knowing what could happen if you missed a dose can be a huge motivator for many people. Some medications have strict timelines that have to be adhered to, a reason you want to familiarize yourself with your prescription. You also should know when to go for a refill, if required. 

Minimize Missing Meds 

Taking your medication daily and at the right time is important to your overall health. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you don't miss your Rx meds at home or on the go.

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