Why Laser Hair Removal Is Better Than Shaving Or Waxing

why laser hair removal better than shaving advantages vs waxing removing unwanted hairs

Everyone loves having smooth skin, but the time and energy-consuming procedures to achieve them can be frustrating. While shaving and waxing are good ways of getting rid of unwanted hair, these are only temporary, and the hair grows back in the blink of an eye. Laser hair removal in San Antonio is a long-term solution for removing unwanted hair from any part of your body. 

Laser treatments do not get rid of the hair forever. However, they do increase the period that you get to enjoy without hair on your body. It will give you the confidence and peace of mind that you get from smooth skin and less upkeap. Keep reading to get to know some benefits of laser hair removal treatment compared to regular methods of removing unwanted hairs from your body. 

5 Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal Is Better Than Traditional Methods 

1. It Is Not A Time-Consuming Procedure 

For a treatment that provides such long-lasting results, you may think the procedure behind it must be time taking. However, that is not the case. Most laser hair removal treatments only take a half or a full hour at most. You do not require taking leave from your work to attend an appointment as the procedure will be done in no time. For underarms and bikini areas, it takes less than 30 minutes. The smaller the area, the less time it takes. 

2. It Does Not Leave You With Scars 

We are all aware of the painful procedures of traditional hair removal. Threading is painful, and with shaving, there is always a possibility of a cut. While waxing is relatively safer, not handling the hot wax correctly can burn your skin. You won’t have to worry about painful procedures, scars, bruising, or other side effects and risks with laser removal. 

3. It Prevents The Growth Of Ingrown Hairs 

Shaving and waxing break your hair off from just below the skin. Thus, the hair does not completely come out of its root. Laser treatments destroy the hair from the root, preventing hair from growing back into the skin and causing inflammation. 

4. It Is A Cost-effective Option For Hair Removal 

One session of laser hair removal guarantees you a long period without hair, which reduces the costs of shaving cream, waxing appointments, razors, etc. The price of laser hair removal is much lower as you do not require frequent appointments. 

5. You Can Shave In Between Sessions 

If you have gone to waxing appointments, you know about their rule of no shaving between two sessions or allowing your hair to grow to a certain length before scheduling your appointments. Laser treatments are the opposite. In these treatments, you are required to shave off your hair before your session to avoid scorching of hair. This is good news for people who do not wish to grow their hair even a little bit. 

Leverage Laser Hair Removal 

Unwanted hair growth can be a real pain in the neck, and everywhere else. Instead of dealing with shaving and waxing daily or weekly, get to the root of the problem and solve it with laser hair removal right now for a beautiful body!

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