What Are the Main Factors Limiting Your Libido?

factors limiting libido reasons decreased drive

Intimacy is important. Sex is a great way to relieve stress, feel good about yourself, and reconnect with your partner. Your libido changes throughout your entire life, and this has no reflection on your value or ability as a sexual partner. Dr. Riegel is a leading Plano, TX age management specialist who helps patients discover their sexual self and figure out what is and is not working for them. Here are some of the common factors causing low libido in men and women: 

· Medication 

Things like birth control, antidepressants, antihistamines, and pain killers can wipe out your libido. If a side effect of a medication is fatigue, it makes you feel tired to the point of losing interest in sex. 

· Stress 

During stressful times, your body releases cortisol.  In healthy doses, cortisol is great for your body. It helps you get up in the morning, assists with the flight or fight response, but when you are in a constant state of stress, too much cortisol gets released into your system. Excess cortisol inhibits specific chemicals that make you feel good, happy, and want to have sex. 

· Pressure To Perform 

When it comes to the bedroom, there are so many expectations due to television, movies, and pornography, and most people do not have a concrete education about what sex is like. Moreover, most people do not understand how often they should be having sex. 

· Trauma 

Most sex trauma patients, like rape victims, do not feel the need to engage in sex because of the negative experience they had to go through. Some patients may even experience mental conditions like PTSD after their trauma. You need to inform your doctor concerning any trauma that may be limiting your sexual life to develop a specific approach for you. If you have any trauma around this part of your life, it is crucial to seek support. 

· Lack Of Communication With Your Partner 

You should be comfortable talking to your partner about your sex life. Openly express what works for you, what makes you feel good, and listen to them. Being able to communicate what you want is the first step towards a satisfying sex life. 

· Diet And Exercise 

Having a healthy body by being careful about what you eat will influence how you respond to sexual stimuli. Being physically active will provide you with the energy you need to engage in intimacy. Moreover, sex starts from the mind. Eating well and exercising will make you feel good about yourself and make you want to have sex. 

Why Should You See A Doctor? 

There is so much shame when it comes to sex and libido. Culture and society create the idea that sex is associated with shame. It is important to put all that shame aside when addressing your libido to consume your doctor's better critical information. Appreciate that you are not the only one with low libido and be free to discuss with your doctor any symptoms you are having and how they are affecting your sex life or your want for sex. Visit The Riegel Center to learn more about what causes low libido in men and women and what treatments are available to help rejuvenate your sex drive.

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