How To Prevent Neck Pain

how to prevent neck pain treat stiffness

Almost all of us have experienced neck pain in our lifetime. This pain originates from tendons and ligaments. Neck pain occurs due to an underlying neck condition like arthritis. It can also happen due to trauma or naturally. 

Below we discuss some top tips that will keep you safe from a neck injury. Feel free to contact us if you have back pain in Naples

1. Lie On Your Back 

It is advisable to lie on your back if you want your spine to rest naturally. People with neck conditions are advised to try a new pillow and sleep on their back to combat this issue. 

If you want to sleep on your side, you should use a pillow that is low-casted. This low height prevents the neck from bending to the other side. 

2. Keep Your Computer’s Monitor at Eye Level 

Your gaze should be directly on your computer screen to prevent any neck pain. 

It is advisable to raise the monitor whenever you find yourself looking down. 

3. Use Headsets 

It would help if you were sure not to tilt your head sideways, suppose you spend a lot of time on your devices. You can use headsets to talk on your phone without having to hold it. 

There are also other devices you can hang around your neck to achieve the same. 

4. Stay Hydrated 

It is advisable to drink water during the day to keep the discs hydrated. These discs mainly consist of water, meaning you will keep them strong by hydrating. 

It is advisable to take at least nine glasses of water every day to achieve this. 

5. Carry Even Weights 

Most people make the mistake of putting large weights on one side of their bodies. This load makes your shoulders uneven and strains the neck. It is advisable first to make the load lighter by taking essential items only. 

This, in turn, keeps the shoulders even as you move. You can also use a backpack because it distributes weight across the shoulders. 

6. Have A Supportive Posture 

A poor posture will cause neck pain because it strains the ligaments supporting the neck. 

An example of poor posture is putting the head and shoulders forward. This posture makes the back slump and strains the spine. 

7. Spend Time Away From The Phone 

The majority of us overlook how much time we spend on our phones. Most of the time, the neck and head are in a flexed position. This position puts more stress on the bones and ligaments. 

It is advisable to put your device away or hold it in a manner that your neck is on top of your shoulders. 

8. Use A New Pillow 

There are several options to consider if you want to support and comfort the neck. 

It is advisable first to use a pillow that will keep the spine in alignment. 

Final Thoughts On Having No Neck Pain

Neck pain is common to all of us. It occurs naturally or due to factors like bad posture. 

You can use the above points to stay free from this condition. Follow these tips to avoid a real pain in the neck!

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