10 Best Glass Bottles Home Decor Ideas

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Do you know that the typical U.S. household throws away 480 pounds of glass every year? Even if you do not consume as much as the typical American, your refrigerator is likely packed with sauces, beverages, and condiments in glass containers. It is a good thing there are so many brilliant repurposing options available. 

Moreover, most households have a few glass bottles stowed in drawers and ready to be thrown away eventually. These bottles are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours. They are beautiful things for house décor due to their various qualities. Upcycling may be done in a variety of ways, including DIY projects. 

Because there are so many creative and unique ways to reuse empty bottles. Glass bottles are perfect for use in the house, whether for practical or aesthetic purposes and should rarely be thrown away. 

In this article you will learn to reuse various glass bottles and jars in gorgeous yet straightforward ways. However, before moving on, apart from custom DIY glass bottle décor ideas, you may need to visit Roetell to buy some of the best glass containers, jars and many more other glass products. 

10 Top Inventive Ways To Decorate Your Home With Glass Bottles 

Every month, glass bottles and jars gather at home, and then there is the problem of getting rid of them. Don't be scared, though. We've compiled a list of the top 10 useful ideas for repurposing your old bottles and jars that you will never want to throw away. 

1. Using Glass Jars As Organizers 

Offices can have a lot of small items that take up space. A Glass jar can help you tidy and organize your desk. You can store pens, markers, notepads, and many more things in these glass jars. 

You may decorate the glass jars with tempting materials that complement your existing décor to bring some flair to your office. For convenient access, place jars on a bookcase, desk, or wall. 

2. Converting Glass Jars Into A Flower Vase 

You may make a beautiful flower vase or bud jar by decorating a glass jar with glass paint and other crafts items that suit your decor choice. You may even make a one-of-a-kind centrepiece out of different-sized glass jars. Moreover, Mod Podge or a similar sealer may decoupage photos from magazines onto a glass jar. 

For a more personalized look, you may wrap glass jars with your favourite fabrics and burlap. You may also use your glass jar flower vase to decorate for the holidays or the seasons. A glass jar is a perfect canvas for your artwork. If you like a more simple, traditional aesthetic, use coloured jars to complement your flowers. 

3. Using Them As Pet Food Containers 

You may keep your pet's favourite treats in a glass jar to keep them close at hand. To place something like a showcase on your kitchen counter, you should choose a jar with a distinctive form. 

You will appreciate the convenience of having food on hand as well as a great countertop decorative option. If you are storing food in glass jars, double-check that the lids are securely fastened. Food will keep fresher for more extended periods if the covers are airtight. It would be best to choose a quality jar with a matching lid for the best fit when buying new jars for human or pet food. 

4. Filling Light Strings In Wine Bottles 

Empty wine or juice bottles may be repurposed by filling or wrapping them with LED string lights. This is also an excellent method to dress up for a festival or a party. Take it a step further by hanging a number of them throughout your house in a systematic manner. 

5. Designing Shelves With Wine Bottles 

Whether you are renovating your home or for a specific event, you should choose from a choice of glass jars in different shapes and sizes to create a beautiful display for your table or shelves. To make a beautiful display for everyday showcases, you may add handmade gems, marbles, or fresh cut flowers. 

Glass jars in various colours and sizes may provide a distinctive focal point in any area, and they can be a perfect accent to your current décor. When mixing tall, thin glass jars with shorter, broader jars, pay attention to the forms. Glass jars in blue, brown, and green provide a personal touch to any display. 

6. Cover Your Light Fittings With Jars 

Glass jars can be used to cover existing light fixtures. Based on the size of the light, select the appropriate jar opening size. Tinted or painted glass jars may also be used to make beautiful chandeliers and unique lighting displays. Various light kits may be used with oddly shaped glass jars to produce a distinctive light. 

7. Turn Glass Bottles Into Flower Pots 

Do you like fresh herbs but lack the green thumb necessary to keep them alive? You can turn discarded bottles into self-watering plants with a bit of elbow grease. For this, you will need to cut your bottles in half, which you can do one of two ways or buy a tool like the Kinkajou, which is lovely if you want to try other crafts that involve cutting bottles. 

8. Using Glass Bottles As Chalkboard Storage Canisters 

We know that more clearly labelled storage containers would be beneficial to everyone. This straightforward approach for repurposing glass bottles helps a functional purpose while also creating something pretty enough to display. All you will need is a bottle of chalkboard paint and a bottle of your choice. 

9. Using Glass Jars As Sand Art Craft 

You will be ready to keep your youngsters occupied on many a rainy day if you stock up on bottles and colourful craft sand. This art doesn't have to be limited to only sand; your kids may get creative by adding stones, glitter, buttons, or any other treasures they come across. 

10. Glass Jar Terrarium 

Bring your favorite slice of nature indoors with a DIY glass jar terarrium! The possibilities are endless for this craft idea, just make sure to punch some air holes in the top of the glass jar if you have the lid screwed on or a bottle cap applied!

Wrapping Things Up 

Some of our favourite DIY ideas include glass bottles and jars. Glass bottles and jars can be used in various ways. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

These are just some of our favourite methods to upcycle glass bottles and jars into home décor, gifts, and valuable objects for the kitchen and garden. What will you  make with your recycled and upcycled glass bottles?

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