5 Ways To Promote Your Business On Instagram

ways to promote business with instagram marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) has been proven to be quite effective for businesses of all types over the last decade and a half. When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram has what your business needs. Instagram looks like it would be perfect for fashion brands looking to promote their new collections, but it's also great for other businesses too. If you sell products and/or services, you will get customers from this top platform if you practice smart social selling. 

Don't copy random accounts you find online when you can build your own bold brand with IG SMM. Most businesses won't find lots of success on Instagram, but they will buy followers to try and fool you. 

Let's discuss a few things you should be doing right now to maximize your business results while social media marketing on Instagram. 

5 Tips To Promote Businesses On Instagram

1. Team Up With Influencers 

Everyone should team up with influencers in their local area when starting out. It's a great way to get some of their followers, but you will need to offer something. As an example, personal injury lawyers could offer legal services to followers. A restaurant could offer wine and food advice to its Insta following. Marketers could share social selling tips with their followers.

The influencer could talk about their services after they won their case. Do you have something you can offer people with lots of followers? If they don't have millions of followers, they will probably see your direct messages. So that means it's time for you to start sliding into their DMs professionally and politely.

2. Come Up With Viral Ideas 

Going viral on Instagram could change your life overnight, but it's not as easy as a platform like YouTube. Maybe you could think of a challenge related to your products. For example, let's say you sell makeup. Makeup and other cosmetic products can sell well with Instagram since it's such a visual medium.

You could ask followers to create a scary look for Halloween using your makeup. Make sure everyone includes the name of your brand in their posts. If it's lucky enough to go viral, Instagram users will see your brand everywhere. 

3. Educating Your Followers 

Instagram users like to waste time looking at pretty photos, but some want to learn something. I'm sure you know a hundred times more about your industry than the average person, so start taking advantage of it. 

Give your followers advice that will help them achieve their goals. Make in-depth videos about your products, which will temp followers into becoming customers. I'm sure you know what kinds of questions people always ask. 

4. Ask Customers For Photos 

When you post photos of your best products, it will help increase sales a little. Some of your followers won't bite because you're taking the photos. Of course, you are going to try making them look fantastic.

It's different if you post photos of customers using the products. Followers will trust your customers because they don't have anything to gain. Reach out to everyone, and ask them to send you photos they've taken with your products. 

5. Focus On Your Captions 

It's good to focus on your photos because it's the first thing followers see, but businesses need to focus on captions too. You won't make lots of money if you can't persuade someone to read about what you are promoting. Spend most of your time on the very first sentence. It's the hook that will grab everyone's attention, and if it's good they will be interested enough to read on. Write out a few captions before choosing the best one to post. 

Test It Out For A While And Adjust As Needed

There is a big chance you will generate a lot more sales on Instagram using these tips, so test them out for a while to see what happens. Make adjustments monthly or quarterly as needed to ensure continued success with your Instagram marketing.

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