How To Buy IPv4 Addresses For Additional IP Space

how to buy IPv4 addresses additional IP space

An increasing number of IT businesses are in urgent need of IPv4 address space to either bridge the gap to IPv6 integration or current network limitations. As a consequence of the depletion of IPv4 addresses, there is now a market for available IPv4 address space that facilitates buyers and sellers alike. However, the process of obtaining the necessary IPv4 addresses is rather complex, requires patience and becomes a whole lot easier when you have sufficient knowledge of the rules and regulations opted by the RIR. Yet it is not impossible! On the contrary – to buy additional IP addresses is merely a matter of knowing how to approach the objective. 

Here is your guide on how to do purchase more IP addresses in 4 simple steps! 

1. Determine Your Need 

Before entering the market, determine your needs. Is it a limited number of IPv4 addresses you need? Or are you searching for a substantial IPv4 block? Determining your needs will help you navigate the market easier as you know what to search for. 

Moreover, it will help you determine the budget you need in order to obtain the required IP address space. These factors play into how your first steps in the market will go. Good preparation is key with IP addresses! 

2. Contact A Licensed Broker 

Now that you know what you need, it is time to contact a broker to help you navigate the IP market. They will draw from their extensive network of sellers to find a party with the right offer for you. Moreover, a licensed broker is able to execute a background check on your required prefix, where it is located and eliminate any risks of blacklisted IP addresses. 

Your broker is familiar with the entire process of buying IPv4 addresses through the RIR. When an interesting deal comes along, they will provide you with a quote and upon agreement introduce you to the seller. 

3. Agree On The Price 

Upon introduction to the seller, you start to negotiate on terms and conditions. Then agreements are made on the actual sales and escrow, after which payment and signing can be prepared. All parties sign the paperwork, invoices are sent and the payment is transferred to the escrow account. 

Then the actual transfer starts with the RIR and seller. Within a couple of days to a week, the transfer is completed. 

4. Use Your Newly Acquired IP Space 

Now that you are the owner of the IPv4 space, you are able to use it as you wish and for as long as you need to. 

And when you don’t need the IPv4 space anymore in the future, make sure to not overlook the value! Simply sell the IPv4 addresses again using an IP broker and earn your investment back – if the market is still as heated. 

IP Increase 

Many IT businesses need IP increases to improve. Now you have a step-by-step guide to make this essential improvement for your business.

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