Weight Watchers vs. Frugal Fitness & The Frugal Diet

Weight Watchers has helped a lot of clients that I've worked with and I think it is a pretty good overall program. However, it doesn't always address all the aspects of nutrition and can also be a lot more costly than my services. My customized meal plans are a flat rate of 59.99 and at least a month of free internet support. Weight Watchers is a much longer and often more expensive commitment (especially if you attend most or all of the meetings which is important for community support). Their internet support is usually an additional fee on top of normal membership. I admit I don't know the exact numbers and I need to look into it a little more in detail, but if I had to guess I would assume you'd spend a lot more money on Weight Watchers than you would on me and you probably wouldn't get any better results.

Weight Watchers doesn't address every aspect of healthy nutrition because it depends largely on a simplified point system that takes the major nutrient type and calories into account, but not the quality of the nutrients, meal timing, blood sugar response, and some other important factors. According to Weight Watchers, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast might be the same exact point value as 3 pieces of white toast. Which one is the healthier choice? Obviously the 2 pieces of wheat toast gives you much more nutrients and a better blood sugar response than the calorie and point equivalent of white toast. That's just one example but you get the idea.

The "ideal weight" that Weight Watchers encourages is dependent on the old BMI (Body Mass Index) measurement which is actually somewhat outdated now. BMI is simply a ratio of weight vs. height and does not take into account the quality of body weight (body fat percentage and muscle). For example, I am obese according to the BMI measurement of about 26 because I am 5'5" and 165 lbs. This is too heavy for my height based on averages, even though my bodyfat is about 12% which is excellent.

Weight Watchers meeting costs can also vary depending on if you have maintained your ideal weight, lost additional weight, or gained weight above your ideal weight. You may get to attend meetings for free if you are doing well but then have to pay attendance fees if your weight goes over during a week or month. While I do think this can sometimes be good motivation to stay committed to your diet, I do not really like to punish my clients for having a bad week and charge them extra.

Anyways, there are plenty of factors that you need to take into consideration before making your choice. Do you need face to face group support that Weight Watchers can offer or is internet support enough? Can you make the larger commitment to Weight Watchers?  Do you want to improve your knowledge of nutrition or just go by a simple point system? That is for you to decide.

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