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I've competed in powerlifting, personally trained other amateur powerlifters, and worked with several powerlifting professionals in the fitness industry. I can tell you from experience that it's a very challenging pursuit that goes much further than just doing some bench press, squats, and deadlifts each week. Enjoy this growing number of free articles on powerlifting prowess to help you add some plates to your bar and add some years to your career.

- Muscle Mass Maximizer Gym Leg Workout 

- How To Minimize Back Pain Hindering Squats & Deadlifts 

- Total Chest Training For A Better Bench Press

- Hang On For Increased Deadlifting & Bench Press Grip Strength 

- Keep Your Lower Back Strong & Stretched For Powerlifting

- My Honest Opinion On Deadlifting 

- Olympic Lifting vs Powerlifting For Football Players

- Bench Press Monkeys & YouTube Lifting Trolls

More free blog posts and articles on powerlifting performance coming soon!

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