I'm a lean female. How should I use GNC Wheybolic Extreme Protein to Bulk Up?

Good question. I personally don't like the GNC protein powders that they offer, I've had the Wheybolic Extreme years ago and it didn't blow me away in terms of price, quality, or results. Also, nobody can digest 60 grams of protein at once so this is a scam to make you consume container faster and have to buy more sooner. Nobody can really digest more than 30-35 grams of protein at once so I wouldn't take more than 1.5 scoops of it at once. To really put on mass, I would recommend taking 1 scoop in the morning with skim milk, 1 scoop in water 30-60 minutes before your workout (I'm assuming you are lifting weights and heavy for low-moderate reps), 1.5 scoops after your workout with water and fruit/fruit juice/gatorade, and one scoop at night with skim milk. I personally would look into getting Dymatize 12 Hour Elite Protein powder 4.4 lbs for $26 on Amazon.com, or at least get something that tastes better and bulks you up more like Monster Milk. Those are my suggestions, hope this helps!

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