Frugal Workout - Intermediate 45 Minute Workout for Female Toning

Picture owned by Zuzana Light of Body Rock TV

Warmup Sets of Pushups (8 Reps)
Warmup Set of Crunches (20 Reps)

(x = 1 set)
3x Pushups (10-12 reps per set)
3x Tricep Dips (10-15 reps per set)
2x Crunches (25+ reps per set)
2x Twisting Crunches (20 total reps per set (10 twists on each side)
2x Hip Bridge holds
3x Bodyweight Squats
2x Bodyweight Wide Squats
3x Planks (10-20 second holds per set)
3x Alternating Heel Taps (12 taps on each side)
2x Russian Twists
2x Mountain Climbers (12 on each leg)
2x Calf Raises off stair/step

Should take 45 minutes total

Frugal Fitness