Intermediate Toning, Fat Loss, & Core Workout For Women (Including Guidelines)

Safety Precautions:
-Consult with physician prior to any exercise for any possible medical risk factors
-Terminate any workout in which you feel dizzy, shortness of breath, chest pains, numbness, tingling, nausea, blurriness, or disoriented, etc. and call 911.
-Avoid any exercises contraindicated by physician, physical therapist, etc. Substitute exercises that work the same muscle groups if needed.
-Take it slow the first few weeks. It is often better to be more cautious at first and progress modestly to prevent injury risk
-Stretch during and after your workout! Do not statically stretch before your workout because your muscles will be cold and stiff. Stretching before a workout will risk injury and a decrease in your physical performance.
-Hydrate prior to workout, during workout, and rehydrate after workout (water usually best unless profuse sweating, then possibly a Gatorade or diluted sports drink could be helpful in replenishing lost electrolytes like sodium)
-Have a sports drink or some fruit juice on hand in case you feel dizzy from low blood sugar.
-Use good form! If you can’t, terminate the set. Don’t overcompensate with your stronger side.
-Don’t forget to breath! Holding your breath raises blood pressure significantly.
-Don’t “work through the pain” if it is severe or abnormal. End set and rest, modify it to make it easier, pick an alternative exercise, or avoid exercises that strain the area in pain.

Workout Guidelines
-Keep rest time between sets at 30 seconds or less (work up to this point if necessary)
-Add cardio intervals of 1-3 minutes after about every 4-5 sets of resistance training or as written
-Try to do at least 15 repetitions per set (more for abdominal exercises)
-Workouts do not have to be done by the letter!
-Vary the exercise order weekly
-Progress by adding extra time, distance, sets, repetitions, and/or resistance
-Have fun!
-An “x” means 1 set of 15+ repetitions or as directed (except maybe pushups would be less)

5 Minutes Elliptical Warmup (Low Intensity)
3x Crunches or twisting crunches on ball or mat
2x Dumbbell Single Arm Rows (use 2x 5 lb dumbbells in one hand)
3x Hip Bridge 10s holds
3x Pushups (8-10 reps per set)
2 Minutes Elliptical Leaning Forward (Resistance 4)
2x Planks (hold 8-10 seconds per set)
2x Quadripeds
2x Alternating Heel Taps for Abs
2 Minutes Backwards Elliptical (Resistance 4, Medium Grade Incline)
2x Wide Squats w/ 5 lb dumbbells
3x Tricep Dips
3x Dumbbell Shoulder Presses (7-8 lb weights)
5 Minutes Elliptical Cooldown
3-5 Minute Stretch!

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