Training Tip: Vary Your Exercise Modalities

Training Tip Time! It's time to get the most out of your workouts and that means mixing things up a bit, at least from time to time. You should know that if you do the same exact workouts for an extended period of time (over 4-8 weeks), your body will have adapted and may not be getting as many benefits from your current regimen. You can mix up a wide variety of variables in your workout to prevent or rectify this, but this post will focus on changing up your exercises modalities aka the equipment you use.

Using different forms of fitness equipment can help prevent your workouts from getting stale or less effective. That means switching your cardio up from the treadmill to the elliptical, or elliptical to the bike, or bike to the row machine. It means switching brands or versions of the same cardio equipment (if you are in a gym setting that is). It means switching from barbell to dumbbell versions of the same exercise. You can switch to or from cables, bodyweight training, weighted bodyweight training, resistance bands, plate-loading equipment (like Hammer Strength) or Nautilus type equipment. The possibilities are endless, which is why your workout variation and desired adaptations should be as well!

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