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General Gym Introductory Beginner Workout

For a beginner getting back into workouts at your average box gym

x = 1 set (10-15 reps unless otherwise specified)

Planet Fitness Beginner Workout:

5 Minutes Bike warmup (resistance 8, speed 60-70 RPM)
2x Chest press machine (light-moderate weight for 15 reps, don't push too hard yet)
3x Lat Pulldown Machine (60-80 lbs) whatever grip easiest on joints
2 Minutes Row Machine (if available) vary grips (underhand and overhand)
2 Minutes Elliptical BACKWARDS pedaling Resistance 5-8
2x Row Machine (vary grips) 60-80+ lbs (depends on brand) vary grip
3 Minutes Elliptical *no hands* (if you can balance, don't lean back) Resistance 6-8
1x Dumbbell Bicep Curls 15lb dumbbells 15 reps
1x Dumbbell Hammer Curls 15 lb dumbbells 15 reps
5 Minutes Stairclimber or Stairmaster cooldown (slow-moderate pace) 

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