3-Day Per Week Get Toned Up Workout Split

Three day per week lifting program to be used in conjunction with at least one day of cardio. If you can only make it three days per week then either do your cardio at the end of one of the three lifting days or skip one of the upper body lifting days in favor of cardio, its up to you. As you mentioned, it would be very beneficial for you to keep up with your knee rehabilitation exercises such as squats and dumbell lunges as well as lose a couple of pounds to take some pressure off your knees and joints in general so those will be two major goals in this program. You will obviously also strengthen all major muscle areas such as upper body, calves, and the Oh so important core muscles which are invaluable to rehab and injury prevention. The cardio is mostly in there just for added fat burning and weight loss and it is a low impact leg workout as well. Cardio workouts should be 25+ minutes long with short bursts of increased resistance and/or speed and lifting workouts should take about 45 minutes each (12-15 repetitions per set, 1-2 minutes between sets).

To fully realize the effectiveness of this workout program you must make a few nutritional considerations. Increase your protein intake to at least .6 grams of protein per pound of your bodyweight by eating protein powder (whey is the best), skim milk, turkey, chicken, lean beef, fish (especially salmon), nuts, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, whole grains, etc. This will help your muscle recovery thereby packing on extra muscle as well as filling you up with a form of energy that is not so easily stored as fat. Protein should be consumed directly after a workout with carbs and also 30 minutes before a workout if possible. Fiber also fills you up without adding fat. Also avoid saturated fats and simple sugars when possible and add in a multivitamin and possibly a cup of coffee/green tea each day. 5-6 Days of the week I want you to reduce your total caloric intake compared to what you usually eat. Eat more food during breakfast and lunch and less food at and after dinner. No more eating bags of potato chips at night!

Lifting Workouts:

Day 1: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
1x Warm up chest press machine
1x Warm up tricep pulldown
4x bench press or chest press machine
4x incline dumbell bench press
2x dumbell pec flies + dumbell bench press OR cable pec flies
3x military press
2x lateral dumbell raises + front dumbell raises + upward rows
2x dumbell overhead extentsion OR skull crushers

Day 2: Back, Biceps, Rear Deltoids, Forearms, Upper Legs
1x Warm up row machine
1x warm up dumbell curls/dumbell hammer curls
4x row machine
4x lat pulldown machine
2x dumbell upward rows
3x dumbell hammer curls
3x dumbell curls or barbell curls
2x wrist curls/reverse wrist curls/hammer wrist curls

Day 3: Legs and Core
1x warm up bodyweight lunges
1x warm up body weight squats
1x warm up crunches
4x light squats
3x light dumbell lunges
2x leg curl machine (If physical therapist did not contraindicate)
2x deadlifts/stiff legged deadlifts
3x seated calf raise machine
2x standing calf raises
2x crunches with twists
2x decline situps OR leg raises

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