College Lacrosse Summer Strength & Conditioning Program

WEEKS 1-3 = 2.5 MILES
WEEKS 8-10 = 3.5 MILES
WEEKS 11-12 = 4 MILES

WEEKS 1-3 = 800, 400, 200, 100 X 2, REST 1:1 IN BETWEEN
WEEKS 4-6 = 800, 400, 200 X 2, 100 X 3, REST 1:1 IN BETWEEN
WEEKS 8-10 = 800, 400 X 2, 200 X 2, 100 X 4, REST 1:1 IN BETWEEN
WEEKS 11-12 = 800 X 2, 400 X 3, 200 X 3, 100 X 4, REST 1:1 IN BETWEEN

WEEKS 11-12 = 40 MINUTES

WEEKS 1-3 = 100 X 10 REST 30 SEC BETWEEN
WEEKS 4-6 = 100 X 12 REST 25 SEC BETWEEN
WEEKS 8-10 = 100 X 14 REST 25 SEC BETWEEN
WEEKS 11-12 = 100 X 16 REST 20 SEC BETWEEN


All drills are done for 10 yards
Heel toe walk = place heel down on ground roll up on toe, switch feet.  High knee grab = flex right knee and hip up toward waist, grab outside of knee pull up as high as possible, left leg stays straight, up on toe.  Heel to butt grab = flex right knee, extend right hip slightly, grab right ankle with right hand, pull toward butt.  Figure four grab = rotate right hip out, grab right ankle with both hands and pull up toward belly button.  Hamstring walk = place right foot out in front six inches, keep leg completely straight with toe pointed up, bring left hand down to toe of right foot.  Straight leg toe touch = hold left hand out at shoulder level, keep right leg straight and kick up toward left hand.  High knee single leg toe touch = flex right knee and hip up toward waist, keeping left leg straight, extend right knee and hip back through, while bringing both hands down toward left toe.  Squat walk = step out, place feet slightly wider than shoulder width toes out, place the weight on the heels, inhale unlock hips and sit back maintaining upright torso until thighs are parallel to ground, exhale on the way up keeping weight on the heels.  Bring feet together and repeat.  Lunge walk lean back = step out place front heel down, front knee bends to 90 degrees but does not pass over toe, trail leg bends and follows, comes 2 inches from the floor.  Push hips forward and bring shoulders back.  Lunge walk twist to knee = same as above, bottom of lunge bring opposite elbow towards front knee.  Knee Tuck Lunge = same as above, bottom of lunge bring trail leg up to a high knee grab place forward.  Hurdle Trail Leg = Take step out with left foot, bring right knee and hip up, snap up and over.  Inch Worm = Push up position, push yourself up keeping arms straight, push butt up keep legs straight, walk feet up towards hands.  When feet are as close to hands as possible walk hands forward to original position.  High Knee Run = Lean forward, keep elbows in tight, eyes up, bring knees as high as possible.  Heel To Butt Run = same as above, only bring to heels as close to butt as possible.  Shuffle = Moving laterally, toes straight ahead, hips down, head up, don’t click heels.  Carioca = Moving laterally hips down head up, cross right leg in front, than cross left leg in front.  Backward Open Skip = Flex right knee and hip up, rotate hip up and out, tap on the floor, alternate legs.  Backpedal = Hips down, reach back, keep chest over toes, let arms swing. 


Vertical Push-off = start with right leg on 20 inch box, left leg on the floor close to box, drive off with right leg bringing arms through, while in the air right leg completely extends and goes to floor, left leg goes to box, immediately explode back up alternating legs.  Minimize time on the ground. 
Lateral Push-off = same as above only moving laterally across the box.  Stay centered and get as much height as possible. 
Depth Jump Line = Position four 20 inch boxes in a row, hop up onto first box landing as quietly as possible, step off onto floor, descend into a half squat position, get arms behind body, bring arms through on the way up exploding onto the next box.  Minimize time on the ground, land as quietly as possible
Lateral Bench Hop = position yourself on the side of a 20 inch box or bench, explode up and over laterally, soon as you touch ground on opposite side explode back.  Let your arms swing, minimize time on ground, land as quietly as possible.
Hop and Stick (forward, lateral, medial) = Position yourself in front of 6 inch hurdle, hop up and over landing flat footed with knees and hips bent, stabilize and hold for 3 seconds. 


Crunch = flat on back, knees up 90 degrees, feet crossed, hands across chest, suck abs in tight, pick shoulder blades off the ground, point elbows toward the thighs.
Plate Crunch = Flat on the back, knees bent feet flat on the floor, hold plate straight over face with elbows extended, suck abs in tight, pick shoulder blades off the ground, push plate straight toward the ceiling. 
Plate Twist = seated, feet up off the ground and crossed, hold plate at chest level 8 inches away from chest, rotate torso so that plate hits each hip.
Russian Twist = same starting position, start at the hip, rotate up and across the torso, extending elbows.
Blades = flat on the back, right knee bent 90 degrees, left leg out straight 6 inches off floor, suck abs in tight, pick shoulder blades off the ground, touch hands under the bent knee
Bicycles = flat on the back, hands behind head, bring opposite elbow toward knee, pausing every 5 repetitions 
2 Foot Blasters = flat on the back, hands over head with elbows extended, legs out straight, bend knees up toward waist, pick shoulder blades off ground, extend arms and legs back out straight.  Don’t let feet touch ground when extending.
Trifectors = flat on the back, hands out like a cross with palms down, bend knee up toward waist, rotate to right, rotate back to left, than extend straight down.
Cable Wood Chopper = cable at shoulder height, arms straight across body, rotate torso keeping arms straight finishing at opposite hip. 
Leg Raise = flat on back, hands under butt, knees extended, flex hips up so that legs are straight up from floor. 
Hanging Leg Raise = same as above except hanging from a bar.
Front Bridge = Position yourself face down with hands together propped up on elbows and toes, keep abs tight, keep back flat and hold for time.
Side Bridge = On your side with feet on top of each other, prop yourself up on elbow which will be at 90 degrees, keep body completely straight and hold for time.
Back Bridge = on back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, cross arms on chest, pick hips up as high as possible so that body is completely straight.  Extend one knee out and hold for time.
Bird-dog = on hands and knees, extend opposite arm and leg out completely straight, hold for time.
Superman = flat on stomach, arms and legs extended out, raise arms and legs off the ground pausing for a second.
Policeman = flat on stomach, hands behind the head, feet stay down, raise torso up few inches and pause.
Scorpion = flat on stomach with hands out like a cross palms down, bring left leg across body and try to touch it to your right hand.


Jump Shrug = Feet hip width toes straight ahead, closed overhand shoulder width grip on the bar, chest up back straight, inhale place weight on heels, move butt back so bar slides down the thighs 6 inches, keep knees unlocked, immediately reverse direction and explode up.  Heels come up off ground, knees straighten, and hips pushed up and out, keep wrists flexed and shoulders over the bar.  At maximum plantar flexion forcefully shrug shoulders.
Hang Clean = start with same movement as the jump shrug, at top of shrug let elbows bend, guide bar up front of the torso.  As the bar passes the belly button re-bend knees and hips, get heels down on ground and simultaneously fire elbows around and catch the bar on the front delts.  Should be in a half squat position with elbows at 90 degrees in relation to the torso.  Straighten knees and hips, flip elbows out letting bar rest on the thighs.
Push Press = take shoulder width grip, step back from rack, position feet hip width, elbows should be in relation to torso, take a dip similar to jump shrug, explode up propelling bar past the bridge of the nose.  As bar passes the nose re-bend knees and hips, get heels on ground and poke head through so bar is directly overhead.  This is a low body lift, don’t push with your triceps.
Split Jerk = same starting movement as above, as bar passes bridge of nose, shoot dominate leg forward 2 foot lengths, reach back with opposite leg 1 foot length  Poke head through so bar finishes directly overhead.  Front heel should be down with front knee bent, with front shin perpendicular to the floor.  To recover, step forward with back foot a few inches, push back with front foot, lower bar when feet are together.
Front Raise Punch = take closed overhand shoulder width grip on bar, stagger feet slightly, keeping elbows extended raise bar up to shoulder level, bring bar in toward chest, when bar is 3 inches from chest violently punch bar away 8 inches.  Be careful not to overextend. 
Speed Squat = refer to back squat for technique, descend quickly but under control, explode up out of the hole.  Use a lighter weight should be fast and explosive no hesitation. 
Speed Bench = refer to bench press for technique, descend quickly but under control, don’t bounce the bar, explode up from the chest, should hear the weights rattle. 


Back Squat = slightly wider than shoulder width grip on bar, position bar at base of neck across the traps, step back from rack, position feet slightly wider than shoulder width with toes pointed out.  Place weight on heels, pick spot to look at on wall to ensure head stays up, back stays flat, and no bending at the waist.  Inhale, unlock the hips, push the butt back keeping weight on the heels, descend until the thighs are parallel to floor, knees should not pass over toes.  Exhale, extend knees and hips pushing the hips forward, until upright.
Front Squat = Same technique as the back squat except hold the bar in a clean catch or across the front delts, once you reach parallel depth drive elbows up out of the hole.
Split Squat = position feet hip with, take big step out with front heel down, back heel stays up, head and chest stay up, inhale pushing back knee straight toward ground, bend front knee to 90 degrees, front knee should not pass over front toe.  Extend front knee and stand up straight. Should move straight up and down not front and back.
Pitcher Squat = holding dumbbells stand with back 2-3 feet from bench, elevate one leg on the bench behind you, hop out so that front shin stays perpendicular to floor, place weight on front heel, inhale push back knee straight toward ground, bend front knee to 90 degrees. Exhale extend front knee until you’re upright. Keep head and chest up.
Step Up = Place right foot on top of box holding dumbbells or bar behind head in squat position.  Extend right knee and hip driving through the heel until completely upright, left leg should not touch the box, it should go directly back to the floor. No bending at the waist, keep head and chest up.
Walking lunge = Take hip width stance holding dumbbells keeping head and chest up, take big step out with right foot, place right heel down, bend right knee to 90 degrees.  Left leg should bend and follow and come 2 inches from the floor, extend right knee and hip, bring left leg forward.  Switch legs every rep.
Single leg squat = place arch of right foot toward the edge of a box, let left leg hang over the side, keep head and chest up, place weight on right heel, inhale unlock hips, push butt back, descend until thigh is parallel to floor.  On descent let shoulders flex to help keep balance.  To add resistance hold weight in hands.  Exhale extend knee and hip until upright. 
Clock Lunge = Hip width stance, weight in the hands, step out with right leg, place right heel down, bend knee to 90 degrees, push back to original position keeping head and chest up.  Step out 45 degrees push back.  Step out laterally keeping right heel down, push back to original position.  Step back into reverse lunge, push back to original position.  Repeat with opposite leg.
Lateral lunge = Position bar in back squat position behind head, place feet uncomfortably wide with toes pointed out.  Keep head and chest up, inhale push hips back and to the right keeping right heel down so that right glute finishes behind right heel, right knee should be little greater than 90 degrees.  Left leg should stay straight, left toe should come up, exhale push back to middle.  Alternate sides.
Sumo Dead-lift = Place feet uncomfortably wide, toes pointed out, bend knees and hips, position bar up against shins, take closed overhand grip on bar, keep back flat and head up, extend knees and hips simultaneously pulling bar up shins, as bar passes knees push hips forward.  Slowly lower bar by flexing hips and knees together until weight touches ground.
Glute ham raise = kneel on mat, knees at 90 degrees, ankles plantar flexed, partner holds ankles, slowly lower toward floor by extending the knees, keep waist as straight as possible.  When several inches from floor put hands out to give quick push, squeeze with hamstrings keeping waist straight, lead with head and not the butt.
RDL = holding either dumbbells or a barbell, position feet hip width with toes pointed straight ahead, grip should be closed overhand at shoulder width, unlock knees putting weight on heels, pull shoulder blades back tight, inhale push butt back letting the bar slide down the thighs.  When you feel a stretch extend the hips and come up straight.
Single Leg Buck = flat on the back with both feet draped over a bench, position hips as close to bench as possible, bend one knee to 90 degrees, other leg straight in the air, hands across the chest, squeeze the hamstring of the bent knee and push hips straight up.
Hip Flexion = position pad of leg extension or multi hip just above the knee keeping knee flexed, flex hip up toward the waist


Bench Press = lying flat on a bench, feet flat on the floor, hips and shoulder blades on bench, hands slightly wider the shoulder width on the bar.  Position bar over midline of chest inhale, let elbows bend and slowly lower bar to chest.  Lightly tap the nipple line, press up exhaling until elbows are completely extended.  Don’t bounce the bar off chest, keep hips in contact with the bench.
Close Grip Bench = same technique as the regular bench press only grip is even with the outside of the chest.  When pressing the bar up from the chest, keep elbows in tight to the sides of the body.
Board Press = same technique as the bench press only a 4 to 6 inch block is placed on the chest.  Lower the bar until it touches the block and press back up.  Be sure to touch the block at the nipple line.
Floor Press = same grip, technique as the bench press only positioned on the floor, back flat, knees bent, feet flat on the floor.  Lower the bar toward the chest until the elbows touch the floor, then drive up.  Be careful not to bounce the elbows off the floor
Incline Bow & Arrow = seated in a 45 degree bench, position 2 dumbbells over the clavicle with elbows completely extended.  Keeping one arm extended and stabilized inhale and slowly let the opposite arm bend lowering the dumbbell in an arch like motion until it is even with the upper chest.  Exhale and press up until completely extended.  Alternate sides.
Incline Triple = Same starting position as Bow & Arrow.  Perform one repetition on the right, one on the left, then with right and left at the same time. This is one repetition.
Close Grip Incline = seated in a 45 degree bench, position hands just outside of chest width.  Position the bar over the clavicle.  Feet should stay flat on the floor, hips and shoulder blades in contact with the bench.  Inhale let the elbows bend and slowly lower the bar until it lightly touches the upper chest, exhale, press up keeping the elbows tight to the sides of the body until completely extended.
Curl 2 Press = standing with knees slightly bent and butt pushed back, grab two dumbbells.  Perform a double bicep curl supinating the wrists on the way up so that your palms face you and elbows are completely flexed.  From this position, press straight up overhead rotating the wrists out until elbows are completely extended.  Slowly rotate the wrists and flex the elbows until the dumbbells are back at shoulder level.  Extend elbows until back at starting position.  Don’t use the legs to push up.
Front 2 Side = same starting position as above, keeping elbows slightly bent raise both hands up to shoulder level with thumbs pointed up, lower back to waist.  Keeping the same bend in the elbow, raise both hands up to shoulder level on the side with the palms facing the floor, lower back to the waist.  This completes one rep.
Iron Cross = same starting position as above.  With slight bend in the elbow, raise both hands up to shoulder level in the front with thumbs pointed up, rotate out to the side at shoulder level with palms facing the floor, lower to waist.  Raise both hands back up on the side with palms facing the floor, rotate back to the front, lower to the waist.  This completes one rep. 
Band Rear Delt =  wrap a band or tubing around a pole at shoulder height.  Facing the pole, holding each end of the tubing, keeping elbows straight, pull straight back so that your body make a T.  Keep elbows up high.
Upright Row = holding dumbbells or an ez bar, slowly pull up the front of the torso until hands are just beneath chin.  Keep hands as close to the torso as possible and always keep elbows over the wrists.
Parallel Chins = chin ups with palms facing each other.  Extend elbows completely and pull chin up over hands.
Inverted Row = position on floor with a straight bar several feet above.  Take a shoulder width grip on the bar, feet flat on the floor, pick hips up and pull chest up to bar.  Keep hips up the entire time.  If body weight is too easy, place weights on the chest.
One Arm DB Row = stand several feet back from the bench with a dumbbell in one hand.  Place one hand down on the bench, bending knees so that back is flat.  Position the dumbbell underneath chest with elbow completely extended.  Keeping back flat flex elbow and pull dumbbell up so that it is even with the chest.  Elbow should stay as close as possible to the side and be pulled as high as possible.
Tricep Pushdown = Holding a straight or v bar, standing with knees slightly bent, position elbows at 90 degrees.  Keeping elbows tight to the side, extend straight down until completely extended.  Slowly let them flex back up to 90 degrees.
Manual Skulls = done with a partner.  Lie flat on the back with arms straight up in the air.  Upper arm should be perpendicular to floor.  Bend elbows to 90 degrees and clasp hands.  Partner will stand over with shins against elbows and hands on the wrists providing resistance.  Partner will provide resistance as person on the floor extends elbows up straight.  Once elbows are completely extended, resistance will be provided as the partner slowly flexes elbows back to 90 degrees.  Keep elbows in tight.

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