Biotechnology For Improved Bone Health

Biotechnology is the marriage of Biology and anything that encompasses technology. It is a booming field that should be growing for years to come especially in the Boston Area. Employers are hungry for graduates with bachelors degrees with a strong background in biology and biotechnology to work on the applications of the future. The field has recently been turned upside down by the encoding of the complete human genome and the invention of nanotechnology that enables incredible amounts of data to be calculated and analyzed which opens up many doors of opportunity.
            These new discoveries allow individual genes to be analyzed as well as turned on or off. This can be of use when dealing with genetic defects that cause serious health-related programs. The work of Doctor Birnbaum from Merrimack College involved two of the genes used in the creation of osteoclasts, cells that break down bone tissue. In certain populations such as women and the elderly, bone loss is a serious problem in the forms of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. If the bone destruction due to these osteoclasts could be minimized and mostly the osteoclasts would just build and rebuild damaged bone. Bone mass and integrity would be maintained into old age or despite certain predispositions. This successful study at Umass School of Medicine is a very promising supplement to the base of knowledge already established for gene manipulation and bone health and hopefully it will eventually help make a positive different in people’s lives.

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