College Guide To Getting Lean For This Summer

Originally written for my overweight Frat Brothers in college...

I put together a bunch of random but useful fitness tips that we all could benefit from. Most of them are a bunch of little things you can do but every little bit helps and if you follow these tips consistently it will make a difference. A lot of them are common sense but some of them you may not have thought of or may need a reminder of so read on and hopefully you'll get something out of these:
At a fast food place:
-Avoid fries, they are the worst food you can get, at least chicken nuggets and burgers have protein, fries don't have anything beneficial
-Grilled chicken sandwiches are much healthier than most burgers

-Don't just lie there on the beach, get up and take a walk or throw the football or baseball
-Don't just stand around in the pool do a few labs or swim around in the ocean

Going Up:
-Don't take the elevator, take the stairs and jog them don't walk up them

Basic Nutrition:
-Buy healthy food so your surrounded by good shit and not junk
-Take a multivitamin everyday for increased metabolism, improved immune system, more energy etc
-Eat several snacks/small meals a day not just 2 or 3 huge meals. Try to eat less at night and right before you go to sleep
-Investments in protein powder, green tea, vitamin c, or b-complex vitamins are safe, cheap, and have  numerous benefits to health and performance

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