"Get Huge" Nutrition Plan Outline

For HardGainers

            Half the key to getting bigger is just eating more. It’s as simple as that. Eat and lift. Eating more will give you more protein, more energy, better recovery, and more bulk to lift more. Lifting will make you hungrier and allow you to eat more and put on more muscle but also burns calories so you needn’t worry about putting on fat. As I said, you are a hardgainer which means you have a lean physique that requires more food and lifting than normal individuals to put on weight. On the plus side though this means you can eat nearly everything you want without fear of putting on fat and since you are very lean to begin with all the weight you gain will be easily seen muscle.

-Eat up to a dozen small/medium meals throughout the day, don’t just stuff your face at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Snack before, after, and in between all the major meals whether it’s a lot or a little bit. This will keep your metabolism up and fuel your growing muscles with protein, carbs, and nutrients.

Example Day)
-Big Breakfast (protein!)
-medium snack
-big lunch
-medium snack
-preworkout snack (protein!)
-postworkout snack (protein and carbs!)
-big dinner
-medium snack
-small glass of milk or snack before bed

Food Advice:
-Get used to reading nutrition labels!
-Eat a ton of protein for maximum muscle building and recovery, for someone your size I want you to shoot for at least 100 grams of protein a day if not 120 grams. Build up to this amount gradually so you don’t shock your digestive system. Make sure to drink plenty of water a day with this
-Good protein sources include milk, yogurt, cheese, turkey, chicken, fish, lean beef, nuts, seeds, whole grain breads and cereals, soy foods, protein bars, and of course whey protein powder.
-Try to eat foods that contain heart healthy and muscle building unsaturated fats such as grains, nuts, and seeds instead of saturated fats found in fried, processed, and fast foods.
-Try to eat foods that contain more complex longer lasting carbohydrates like oatmeal, potatoes, and whole grain foods instead of simple sugars found in processed, sugary, or enriched foods.
-Eat as many fruits and veggies as you want
-Drink plenty of water, this is important for your muscles and your kidneys to help filter toxins and processing the increase in protein. It will help fill your muscles as well.

-Multivitamin Everyday
-B-complex vitamin every workout day (with food, before or after workout)
-Cup of coffee or green tea for some caffeine to boost energy and metabolism levels
-Whey protein powder (very helpful)
-protein and nutrition bars
-weight gainers are a waste of money, eat regular food instead
-Creatine or glutamine powder are for intermediate to advanced lifters but are very helpful and proven safe

-Drinking increases estrogen levels which is detrimental to muscle growth
-Drinking lowers metabolism, immune system, and blocks nutrient absorption
-Do not drink frequently and if you do don’t drink in too much excess and eat food while you drink to fuel your muscles

Lifestyle Tips:
-Get 8 hours of sleep a night, not getting enough sleep will reduce your recovery ability and your muscle building ability
-Try to relax and find healthy ways to reduce stress which triggers the muscle destroying hormone cortisol.

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