Why Choose RESULTS Private Fitness Boston, MA?

I've worked my whole life in the fitness industry at nearly a dozen health clubs and gyms. I've also been to about a hundred different fitness facilities of all types, all over the United States. During my career I have often felt very limited by the prices, policies, and programs that were available to my clients at these other locations. I've seen a lot of good things but also a lot of not so good things over the years. I've seen dozens of unqualified and non-certified trainers rip off clients or even injure them with improper workout mechanics. I've seen gyms sell memberships and training packages and count on the member or client not to show up! Some gyms' business models are based on its members never showing up! Over the years, I got sick of these other mediocre fitness companies and decided I needed a change.

Other Gyms, Health Clubs, or Personal Training Studios:

Unqualified Trainers- Most other personal trainers do not have a college degree, especially in a field specific to a career in personal training. Many aren't even certified. Even if they are "certified", they often have had to do nothing but a weekend seminar or a simple take home test after a few hours of studying.  
High Pressure Sales- Many other trainers now are emulating used car salesmen. They try and sell you the highest priced item regardless of what is best for you
Impersonal Service- Many other trainers arrive late, give you cookie-cutter workout and nutrition programs, and never go the extra mile for you
Uninspired Programs- Many other trainers simply give you the workouts that they personally perform, or just copy and paste one from a random website or program!
Astronomical Prices- Average prices for personal training, especially in Greater Boston, is about $70-80 per hour, sometimes up to $100 per hour! That is too expensive to provide clients with the sessions they need to succeed!
No Insurance- No protection if you are harmed due to the trainer's negligence

         I knew a long time ago, if I was going to give clients the best possible
service and price, I would have to do it myself! That is the reason I formed RESULTS Private Fitness, to give clients the highest quality product and value on the market today! There are a lot of fitness and personal training companies out there, so here is a breakdown of what makes RESULTS the superior choice.

RESULTS Private Fitness:

Superior Credentials- I have the best personal training, nutrition, and strength
and conditioning credentials in the business, hands down. I have extensive experience in all facets of the fitness industry and have been trained by some of the best in the world
Vast Experience- Hundreds of satisfied clients from all walks of life and fitness backgrounds. Countless success stories tell it all
Impeccable Service- I do everything in my power to keep workouts fresh, clients satisfied, and fitness results progressing. The customer truly comes first. If I make a mistake, I make sure the client is overly compensated and ends up satisfied.
Reasonable Prices- I promise to have the lowest price in the area over all of my competition for all of the services I provide.
Genuine Desire To Help People- Most gyms and trainers out there just consider you a number or a walking dollar sign. I sincerely care about all my clients and their health. I do just about everything in my power to help them succeed and improve their lives.
Fully Insured- No clients have ever been hurt under my watch but you can rest easy knowing that I am fully covered for insurance for any harm to clients or property

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