Your Questions Answered: Evaluation For A 14 Year Old Male Wrestler?

To evaluate a teen wrestler, first thing that is needed is a liability release form that is signed by him stating that he has no serious medical conditions that could put him at risk for bodily harm during an exercise program. If he does have any relevant conditions, he needs the form signed by his physician stating that he is healthy enough to engage in an exercise program. Client needs to be tested for any postural, or musculoskeletal deficits after viewing him from the front, side, and back. His spine should be checked for any exaggerated curvatures such as lordosis, kyphosis, or scoliosis that could predispose him to a serious injury during activities of daily living (ADL) or an integrated exercise program. Quick range of motion tests on his major joints should be checked to ensure wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, trunk, hip, knee, and ankle symmetry and bilateral flexibility. A bilateral comparison should also be made on his musculature to check if both sides are relatively even in hypertrophy and strength. This is important for assessing any individuals prior to creating a customized exercise program to eliminate risk, fix deficits, and maximize results of your workout plan. 

His Resting Heart Rate is low so cardiovascular testing can be done but he appears to have little or no risk in this area. His Body Fat Percentage and BMI are both very low so he is not at risk of any obesity-related health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and stroke.  Because of his age, you must roughly determine his Biological Age because he may just be entering puberty or he may be well into puberty. His physical appearance and response to exercise will allow you to estimate this because his Biological age (and not necessarily his Numerical Age) will be a product of his hormone production (especially testosterone and growth hormone) and these cause major effects on exercise programs.  His exercise history and experience level are also major factors to analyze because they will partly determine his starting point for his workouts. Diet should also be scrutinized and corrected

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