The Lebron James 1 Hour Special Fiasco

THE DECISION: LeBron Brings The Heat of the Spotlight On Himself
Millions of people tuned in for a 5 second announcement that ESPN made an epic 1 hour event. I am of course referring to the widely-discussed and criticized Lebron James team signing. So Lebron goes to the Miami Heat and with him comes the hopes of many NBA Titles. His old owner is livid about his betrayal and the spectacle that surrounded it. This interview was ESPN's highest rated program which absolutely boggles my mind. I think this has got to be the best marketing gimmick since I heard of the "Icing" tradition secretly created to sell more Smirnoff Ice beverages. ESPN sold massive amounts of advertising space and I am very surprised Lebron wasn't wearing a Nike shirt/hat, drinking his own Vitamin Water flavor, and/or eating some Micky D's to capitalize. He instead wore a button up collared shirt, after all this event was extremely classy! Basketball is a fun sport to play and watch but the NBA is definately all about big egos and characters on the court. Lebron is one of the best players in the league but nobody in history has enjoyed the spotlight for so long for something as small as a trade. Sorry New York, sorry Cleveland, the king's new throne is now Miami with D-Wade and company. Professional sports continue to evolve into more of a WWE entertainment genre and their athletes into celebrities. I don't know if all of this is a good thing but it certainly makes for an interesting ride. All I know is that some marketing guy for the NBA just got promoted for the way this event succeeded. 

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