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Get 8 Hours Of Sleep A Night
Different require different amounts of sleep but you shouldn’t skimp on it. Adequate sleep will help you recover fully from your workouts and other stresses in your life. Getting insufficient sleep can throw off your hormonal balance leading to stress, lower energy levels, muscle loss, and weight gain

Try to eliminate unnecessary stress
Increased stress leads to weight gain, increased blood pressure, muscle deterioration, and overall poor eating habits. Try to stay organized, find some time to relax, and even try controlled breathing and meditating. Try out a few yoga classes, maybe even look into massage therapy or craniosacral therapy treatments.

Make working out and eating right a major priority
Try to stick with it and think of the dozens of reasons why it is beneficial to you. If you do not make fitness a major priority in your life and you do not try to enjoy it, you will not be able to keep it up. Make a list of all the reasons to live healthy if you need to.

No smoking
This is an obvious no-no. Smoking will reduce your cardiovascular strength and endurance, reduce your energy levels, and lower your immune system. Your body will spend its resources trying to clean out the toxins inhaled and have less nutrients to spare for muscle maintenance and recovery from exercise.

Refrain From Drinking Alcohol
Alcohol (a toxin) is not going to do anything but hurt your fitness and weight loss goals. Drinking will provide tons of simple sugars/empty calories, water retention/bloating, liver damage if you drink large amounts, dehydration, decreased nutrient absorption, and muscle atrophy. The extent obviously depends on the amount you drink but no amount is beneficial despite what some crazy articles may say.  A glass of red wine is not bad for you but it is by no means good for you either if you are trying to lose fat. If you must drink, try to drink in moderation, use diet sodas in mixes, and drink light beers. Make sure to replenish nutrients and rehydrate after you drink and before you go to sleep

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