Differentiating Between Simple and Complex Carbs

A lot of people get confused on the subject of simple and complex carbohydrates, and as they are sometimes called “Good and Bad Carbs”. Using this terminology, the good carbs are the complex carbohydrates and the bad carbs are the simple carbohydrates. This is not always accurate however because sometimes simple carbohydrates are better suited for certain activities or times of day. Typically, simple carbohydrates have a higher Glycemic Index (GI) which measures its effect on blood sugar levels compared to table sugar. This means that simple carbohydrates are more likely to spike your blood sugar levels which can lead to a subsequent crash shortly after. Complex carbohydrates take longer to digest and thus provide a more stable and longer lasting supply of blood sugar to the body. Deciding what type of carbohydrates you should be eating and when is crucial for improving your health and fitness levels. Simple carbohydrates are ideal in morning immediately after waking up as well as before, during, and after a workout. Complex carbohydrates are ideal pretty much any time except right before, during, or after a workout. Healthy examples of simple carbohydrates include fruits, 100% fruit juice, and honey. Healthy examples of complex carbohydrates include vegetables, whole grains, legumes, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. 

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