Truvia & PureVia...The New NutraSweet?

For several days, I've been ranting around the internet about Truvia, the new darling sweetener replacing NutraSweet. While on this site, I noticed an ad for a Sobe drink with something called PureVia. I thought I'd check it out. What I found did not make me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

PureVia is manufactured by a company called Whole Earth Sweetener Company. Sounds really nice, doesn't it? Their website is lovely. Lots of soothing earth tones, a cute little tree in the logo. Words like health, and natural, are all over the place.

What isn't mentioned on the site is that Whole Earth Sweetener Company is a subsidiary of Merisant Company. A Muckety inquiry only brings up one name associated with Merisnt, Arnold W. Donald. Donald is a senior VP at Monsanto.....or has been recently, somtimes data isn't updated immediately. Nevertheless, the connection is there. Through Mosanto, he is also connected to Searle, where Donald Rumsfeld was CEO, when NutraSweet was rapidly pushed through FDA approval, despite testing which showed it to be highly toxic to humans. The Merisant website, all sweetness and light, makes no mention of Donald's connection to Monsanto.

It's ironic that Donald is president of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, while the products he is associated with have caused a tremendous increase in diabetes in many countries around the globe. Kinda like putting Henry Paulson in charge of the Treasury, wouldn't you say?

Paul Block, who is listed who is listed as the CEO, on the Merisant website, used to work for Dannon. He is credited with launching Dannon Water in the USA. Which many of us know, turned out to be nothing but tap water in a bottle. Dannon was also among the first, if not the first bottled water company to add fluoride to the water.

Personally, I don't need to see any more to stay away from these stevia based products. I'll stick with pure stevia and xylitol. With the history of these companies, and the people associated with them, I rather doubt that they have suddenly become concerned with our health. Unfortunately, millions will be duped by the clever advertising, unless we get to them first.

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