Youth/Young Teen Beginner Resistance Training Program

For kids ages 8-12, even up to age 14, that are in good overall fitness and athletic shape to improve health, strength, and sport performance. Only do 2 workouts per week with light weights (no heavier than 8 lb dumbbells)

Workout Guidelines
-Keep rest time between sets at 30 seconds or less
-Only do 5 lb weights or lighter
-Try to do about 15 repetitions per set
-Breathe during every repetition!
-Stretch during and after every workout!
-Workouts do not have to be done by the letter! Vary the exercise order
-Avoid exercises that bother your joints or lower back
-Hydrate before, during, and after each workout
-Have fun!

(x = 1 set)

Day 1: Upper Body
3x Pushups
3x Tricep Dips
2x Bicep Curls
2x Hammer Curls
2x Dumbbell Shrugs
2x Mountain Climbers
2x Plank Holds

Day 2: Lower Body and Abs
3x Jumping Jacks
2x Bodyweight Squats
2x Wide Squats
2x Lunges
2x Situps
2x Crunches
2x Hip Bridges
2x Heel Taps
2x Donkey Kicks

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