Dietary Supplement Stack Critique and Recommendations

I admit I don't know much about H-Drol or M-Drol, but I would just stay away from this stuff personally.
Could be quite dangerous, if it even works
Part I: Hey man first off i love the videos you give great reviews and explain in detail which is a plus for supps. i was wondering what would be a good stack for building some lean muscle, i am starting the elite protein you reviewed but also wanted some tips if you had any to go along with it and possibly benefit me. and last but not least i have H Drol and haven;t taken it yet and to be honest after reading side effects and health risks i don't know if i will, do you have any input on that as well thanks look forward to hearing from ya.

Part II: thanks for the reply, i never did take the h drol for the simple fact of all my improvements i want from me not a liver suffocating pill. i took a look at your stack and it is great, my one questions is i work 12 hour swing shifts and i can only get a workout in 3..maybe 4 times a week and i watched for video on less is more and not to over train, is this enough a week to get a transformation noticed, and should i still take protein and creatine on days i know for a fact im not working out? thanks man you've been a great help thus far

Part III: yes that does help and i will definitely squeeze 4 workouts in, i havent been taking supps for a while i just got back into fitness and training due to a few pounds added on over winter and the good old man boobs starting to find there way through...haha, anyway i take the GNC protein whey isolate 60, the amplified 189 creatine pill form, fish oil and a multi and that my stack as of now but i just got them last week and havent used them but on workout days, which i now know is a mistake, but i wasted to take the elite protein you talked about but GNC only has the gourmet and i dont want to mess with the gourmet, but thats im working with if you have any suggestions id appreciate it...thanks a ton

Fish Oil is an excellent and Frugal source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Frugal fitness Answers:
Part I: Check out my recent blog post on my Supplement Stack for optimal fat burning, muscle gains, strength, endurance, and immune system. I'd be interested in your feedback. 

Also, I would not recommend any H-drol if that is a pro-hormone or steroid. Not worth the side effects and health risks. Try out the legal / no-risk (or as low risk as it gets) on my supplement stack. 

Part II: Good questions and good choice not to take the H drol and screw up your organs and hormonal system. Since my stack example is based on normal hours Monday-Friday 9-5pm schedules, you can easily adjust the times to cater towards your schedule. I would say 4 days per week should be good, 3 times per week might not get the job done as well and you might not get the changes you're looking for. I would take protein on all days, even non-workout days, just maybe more on the days that you do workout. I would not take creatine on non-workout days, creatine is not something you want to take everyday anyways unless you are just starting out with it and saturating your muscles for the initial 5-6 days.

Part III: Dymatize Elite Gourmet is not a bad product, it is still an above average protein powder in my opinion and it will not mitigate any of your results. It should be cheaper than the GNC protein whey isolate 60 and I think it is better nutritionally as well so I would at least try it out. Keep working hard, keeping the simple carbs / carbs at night low, and you will end up getting leaner in due time. Keep up the great work, thanks for checking out the videos, and more new videos coming soon!

Dymatize Elite Gourmet: Not as good as Elite XT or 12 Hour But Still Good
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