Am I OverTraining?


Am i over training? hi frugal fitness, loving the channel, great stuff. I do an hour or so full boddy compound workout 2 or 3 times a week with at least a day in between workouts, I do squats, pullups or bent over rows, bench press, shoulder press or clean and push press,bulgarian split squats or one leg bench leg stand up type things, dead lifts and then some core work. i also try to pick a group and do a few isolation exercises per workout. 

this is my week:
mon- workout
tue- martial arts training, not too taxing but depends on the mood of the sensi. ; ) mostly press ups sit ups and squat based exercises. its not too full on!
wed- x training punch bag work light jogging medicine ball exercises body weight squats that sort of thing. 45 min to an hour.
thursday workout
friday off
sat martial arts or full body workout.
sunday i am currenty running 8-10 miles ( i know this goes against the grain but i love it and i'm in training for a charaity thing which involves a 10 mile assault course.

ha.... the way it reads looks like i am over training i dont seem to display any of the symptoms of over training. the weight i can lift seems to be increesing at a steady rate. about 7-11 pounds a month.what are your thoughts?and could i have advice on reps and tempo please? thank you.
Frugal Fitness Answer:
Well you sure do have a pretty intense workout split. I like the exercise choice and the wide variety of training modalities. This variety in weekly training will help to prevent overtraining in any 1 specific joint or muscle group. Your training is very well rounded including some explosive training (martial arts, bag, and olympic lifting), resistance training (compound exercises and isolation exercises), and cardio (running and cross training). If you don't have any symptoms of overtraining (chronic fatigue, joint pain, lack of motivation, increased resting heart rate, decrease in strength or endurance,etc) than I think you should be fine.

That being said, if you are trying to focus on strength you may eventually need to change your training style a bit. Eventually your strength gains will plateau, especially if you are doing 10 mile runs every week. I would say that after your charity running event is over, cut back a bit on the mileage and focus on more rest. Maybe change that day to an isolation workout (arms or shoulders perhaps) plus a light-moderate bout of cardio (45 minute jog, bike, or elliptical).  This will help to give your strength gains more potential.

If you are looking to improve strength and power (explosiveness), both important to lifting and martial arts, I would recommend your compound and isolation exercises at a medium pace (1 second concentric/flexing portion of the lift, 2 second eccentric/elongation portion of the lift). You can even through in a few "negative" sets or reps in which you do a 1 second concentric movement and a 5 second eccentric downward/relaxation movement. These can help to improve strength and muscle mass. I'd recommend 6-12 repetitions for these although some sets you can do more or less for variety.

For explosiveness, do your Olympic Lifts and maybe some explosive squats with light weight, 4-6 reps as fast as you can, maybe 4-5 sets tops per workout. You want to put speed and technique over everything on these exercises, I'd rather have somebody doing cleans and presses with less weight than start using terrible form to hump the weight up. If you do too many reps or sets of these Olympics lifts per workout, your form or speed will likely suffer (or you are doing too light of weight).
Also, don't forget to get enough sleep, water, fruits, veggies, and protein! I don't know your height/weight/age but I'd generally recommend around 200 grams of protein per day for this type of training regimen. Hope this helps!

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