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Rest In Peace Macho Man, A True WWE Legend
OK so this post isn't your traditional health and fitness article but it does involve many health-related aspects. If you didn't know (your ass better call somebodaaaayy), I used to be a huge wrestling fan from about ages 12-16. And I am talking Pro Wrestling, "not that Olympic crap" as comedian Daniel Tosh hilariously clarifies. 

I have played the video games, had fake wrestling matches with friends (nothing quite as crazy as Backyard Wrestling stuff and nobody got hurt), had big groups of friends over to order/split the cost of Pay-Per-View events, I read the books/magazines, and even went to a Pay-Per-View when I was 19. I even went to some independent wrestling shows in 2023 with a buddy of mine.

frugal dead wrestlers wwe deaths rip

I only watch it a few times a year now but I still love it for the nostalgia, entertainment factor, humor, and athleticism (I will be posting an in-depth article soon on why I think Pro Wrestling can be considered an actual sport). If you think that is stupid in 2023, I got 2 words for ya "Suck It!"

frugal dead wrestlers wwe deaths rip

A lot of pro wrestlers have been my heroes over the years which is why I was so upset to hear that yet another, Macho Man Randy Savage, had tragically passed away at too young of an age. Unfortunately for former and sometimes current WWE CEO Vince McMahon, there is a disturbingly long and growing list of deceased professional wrestlers, many of them employed by him at various points in their career. Here are some of the most famous dead wrestlers including the Macho Man.

frugal dead wrestlers wwe deaths rip
WWE Hall of Famer Randy Savage

      Macho Man Randy Savage, a WWE Hall of Famer and Pro Wrestling Icon / Legend also had a real name: Randall Mario Poffo. He was a college graduate and played minor league baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, and Chicago White Sox for 4 seasons before he started his pro wrestling career. He would go on to wrestle for decades with many of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time including George "The Animal" Steele, Jake The Snake Roberts, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes, Andre The Giant, The Ultimate Warrior, and more up until his final wrestling gig in 2005. That is a 30 year career ladies and gentleman, in a brutal sport that punishes the body, and leads to heart attacks or deaths in many wrestlers. 

frugal dead wrestlers wwe deaths rip

He was also infamous as the spokesman for Slim Jim and is pretty much synonymous with the brand even years after his last commercial. He had a famous cameo in the hit film Spiderman as "Bonesaw McGraw" where he was looking jacked as all hell. The guy even had his own rap album (shown above)! He died last week from a car accident, that may have been caused by a heart attack, at the age of 58.

frugal dead wrestlers wwe deaths rip
Ooohhhhhh Yeaahhhhh! Slim Jims Are Artery Clogging Meat Sticks Hurting Hearts

What is more tragic, however, is that at age 58 (still pretty young by today's standards), Macho Man has outlived dozens if not hundreds of other great pro wrestlers that have died early due to drug abuse. While everyone knows that pro wrestling is choreographed and scripted, some people still don't understand how physically demanding and debilitating it is for even the world's best athletes. Wrestlers get tons of acute injuries that they have to perform through and a myriad of chronic injuries from pounding and repetitive forces. 

macho man bone saw
Macho Man jacked up as BoneSaw in the first Spiderman movie.
"BoneSaw's Readyyyyy!"

A lot of wrestlers, especially the older ones or less famous, have no health benefits so they primarily self-treat themselves. That means an enormous amount of pain pills, alcohol, and illegal prescription drugs. They also have to be very strong, heal quick, and appear muscular so many of them resort to steroid and human growth hormone use as well, not just protein supplements. Combine all of that and you can understand why so many pro wrestlers die at such an early age.  Here are some of the other names and stories of young deceased pro wrestlers:

protein slim jim
Macho Man Cause of Death: Steroids + Lifetime Supply of Slim  Jims

Eddie Guererro:
frugal dead wrestlers wwe deaths rip
Former Champion: Died Age 38 From Heart Failure from steroids and drugs

Chris Benoit:
frugal dead wrestlers wwe deaths rip rest in peace
One of my favorite wrestlers until he went insane. Chris Benoit Killed his family and himself Age 40
Tested positive for Xanax, Alzheimer-Like Brain Damage, & Anabolic Steroids

Mr. Perfect:
frugal dead wrestlers wwe deaths rip
Died Age 44 From Cocaine, Steroids, & Painkillers

frugal dead wrestlers wwe deaths rip
Died Age 34 From Oxycodone Overdose & Concussions/Brain Damage

Big Boss Man:
frugal dead wrestlers wwe deaths rip
Died of a Heart Attack at age 41

British Bulldog:
frugal dead wrestlers wwe deaths rip
Died at Age 39 From Steroids, HGH, and Injuries
Bam Bam Bigelow:
frugal dead wrestlers wwe deaths rip
Died Age 45 From Cocaine and Anxiety Medication
frugal dead wrestlers wwe deaths rip yokozuna
Died Age 34 From Obesity (680 lbs) and Fluid in Lungs

Unfortunately, the list goes on and on with countless numbers of other famous or forgotten wrestlers. Today pro wrestlers have the bar set exceedingly high for them and they often put themselves in even more physically demanding or destructive matches to entertain the crowd. Luckily, for the few famous and successful wrestlers, there is better health coverage and education to prevent so much drug abuse, addiction, injury, depression, and suicide. There are still plenty of wrestlers that have absolutely nothing though and fight through physical and psychological demons everyday, and sadly the list of young pro wrestlers that have died will continue to grow. 

frugal dead wrestlers wwe deaths rip macho man randy savage

Rest In Peace Macho Man and other deceased warriors of the ring, I wish the best for all of the other past and present wrestlers and hope they have a long and healthy life

Dead wrestlers ... such a tragedy.

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