Your Questions Answered: Home Gym On A Limited Budget?

The Question:
Frugal Fitness I need your advice. So I'm fairly new at weight training and want to focus on arm muscle, as well as back and abs (though I have fat, so I guess I have to run to lose it all before abs show up). I have about a $400 budget. What do u recommend I buy? I have two sets of weights at 20 and 15 pounds, and am just getting used to the 20s. I have a 1st model Bowflex and a treadmill too, as well as an iron gym for pull ups. I also have whey protein. Any recommendations for what else I can buy?

Frugal Fitness Answer:
I'd recommend you buy a pair of 10 lb dummbells, 8 lb dumbbells, and 25 lb dumbbells, so that way you have all your bases covered no matter what the exercise. Some exercises I use 5-8 lb dumbbells, some exercises I use 80-90 lb  dumbbells so it all depends. I would also recommend buying a set of resistance bands, they usually come in sets of 3 or 5 and color coded by difficulty. A physioball for ab and core exercises is only $20 and you can also use it as a makeshift bench for chest presses, chest flies, etc. A jump rope is a great investment for cardio and boosting metabolism. It sounds like you have everything else you really need, only other things you might want to look at are BoSu trainers or an adjustable exercise step, the BoSu is $90-100, an exercise step maybe around $30. These can provide good areas for cardio intervals on top of your treadmill, although you could always do stairs as well. Whey protein is key, green tea, fish oil capsules, multivitamin are also good investments that are cheap. Hope this helps! Thanks for checkin out my vids!

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