Favorite Gluten Free Foods, Brands, and Greater Boston Restaurant Offerings

Submitted By Helen Chin Lui of The Healing Place in Medfield MA

When shopping for condiments, check the label, because just about every condiment contains gluten. For example many ketchups and soy sauces contain forms of gluten, so be aware.
Food manufacturers use gluten as an additive in prepared foods. Gluten is used as a stablizer, an emulsifier, a thickener and flow agent in literally hundreds of processed foods, from soups to self-basting poultry. Click here for a partial list of packaged or processed food containing gluten, but again gluten can be found in just about anything. Check the label or contact the manufacturer.

Best GF Breads:

*Udi's. Great for sandwiches. Not dense, but light with holes like wheat bread! The best preparation is microwaving, which will give it a nice light and fluffy texture to it, which closely resembles wheat bread.

*Against the Grain - great bagels, rolls, baguettes and pizza crusts. Made with eggs and cheese so gooey and delicious.

*Rudi breads. The bread has the same texture and taste as regular bread. It does not fall apart in the toaster and makes a great sandwich.
Best GF Pizza (frozen or mix):

*Amy's now makes GF frozen burritos just like the regular ones. They also make a gluten free pizza. The taste is mediocre and the crust is made primary of rice flour.

*Whole Foods frozen pizza crusts - Very nice texture and crunchy when baked

*If you want to make your own pizza crust, try King Arthur's Gluten free or Bob's Red Mill pizza mix. Pizza mixes use rice, potato and tapioca flour or starches and makes approximately two 16" pizzas.
Best GF Pasta:

*Schar - Various shapes. Excellent. Tastes like you are eating the real thing.

*Quinoa - Ancient Harvest Quinoa Organic Pasta Gluten Free. This, too is very good.

*Brown Rice Flour pasta - We find these cooked pastas can become mushy. If you overcook the pasta by a minute you will definately have a plate of mush. We stay away from brown pasta, but is not bad if you are attentive in preparing it.

*We have found most of the dried rice and bean thread noodles in the chinese isle of the markets to be pretty good. They are less costly if purchased at Chinese markets such as the Hong Kong supermarket in Allston or Boston. All you have to do to prepare these noodles is boil them for a couple of minutes until they are soft and they are ready to incorporate into your favorite sauces.

Best Veggie Burgers:

Sunshine Burgers - Made from whole brown rice, ground sunflower seeds with bits of vegetables - delish!
All above can be found in the freezer section at Whole Foods and some at Shaw's . Also at New Leaf in Needham Center.


UNO Chicago Grill Is The Best!

*Chateau Restaurants, Waltham and Norwood

GF pizza and Italian dinners. The one in Norwood does not carry the GF pizza, but the Waltham location does.

*Not Your Average Joe's. Various locations. GF menu.

*Legal C, Legacy Place, Dedham

GF Menu, GF bread/roll.

*Nebo Restaurant, Italian, located in the North End. GF Pizza. (Highly recommended). I believe they were shown on Phantom Gourmet or Chronicle.

*PF Chang's - Legacy Place, Dedham and Natick Collection, Natick, MA. GF Menu and GF desserts

*Outback Steakhouse, various locations, GF items

*Stone Hearth Pizza, Needham, GF pizzas, pastas, etc.

*Tavolino Pizza, Foxboro, GF pizza.

*Wicked Pizza, Legacy Place, Dedham. GF pizza. One of the best GF pizza that we have ever had.

*Zebra's, Medfield, GF Menu, GF bread/roll, GF dessert.

The Uno Chicago Bar & Grill Restaurant Location in Boston
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