Reduce BodyFat and Build Muscle? Pro-Hormones?

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HEY bro couple questions lol hey sooo i got like a lot of questionss.. i lost 80 pounds over summer in bout 6 months i was at 250 now im like 170.. im up to 180 now after taking protein and eating.. so i do have alright sized arms but i feel like i need to take some supplement to make me bigger. Im prob around 15% body fat.i wanna cut that down as well.. Do i still continue to run and do cardio and work out? and why is it SOOOO DAMN hard to get abs? lol is it cause im indian and its just not in our genes?? or is it all about dieting?? please let me know lol thanks my friend took this pro hormone called MLT, he gained 10-15 pounds in a month.. his bench went from 210 to 270, wow that was alot lol
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Frugal Fitness Answer:

Quite the series of questions you have there my friend! I assure you that you can get abs just like anybody else, ethnicity does not play a role if you are being at all serious. Congratulations first on losing 80 lbs in 6 months, that is incredible! Bodyfat of 15% is a good starting point for physique improvements and you are not that far off from seeing that six pack! Most guys need to lower down to 12% or less to start seeing significant abdominal definition. That is accomplished with proper resistance training, cardio, and dieting and certainly takes time depending on a number of other factors such as your age, other daily activity, genetics, lifestyle, etc.

So it seems like you want to build up the muscles as well as reduce your bodyfat. To do either of these in any extreme direction you really need to focus on just 1, as they are both contradictory. To build muscle you need to create a caloric surplus by eating more and/or doing less exercise, to burn fat you must create a caloric deficit through dieting and extra cardio / workouts. If you want to try and get the best of both worlds, I'd recommend doing heavy weight training in the 6-12 repetition range with 30-90 seconds of rest between sets, 4-5 days per week. This workout split (divided into muscle group splits of course) will help to maximize muscle mass. For cardio I would do 3 days per week, 30-45 minutes each time, of low intensity with high intensity intervals of 30-60 seconds interspersed every 3-5 minutes. This will give you some extra fat burning, a good metabolic boost, and minimize excess muscle catabolism that could occur from too frequent or too intense cardiovascular exercise. For dieting, I would eat high protein, low-moderate carbohydrates trying to minimize simple sugars, and moderate healthy fat intake that can be supplemented with omega-3 and CLA capsules if needed. A cup or two of coffee or green tea a day can also help a bit to boost up the body's fat-burning metabolism.

As for the pro-hormone question, I would say absolutely do NOT bother with any of that nonsense. There are pseudo-legal and illegal pro-hormones and steroids out there such as M-1 Test and they are simply not worth the health risks. If they work, you will destroy your body's hormonal equilibrium, create major health risks for heart / kidneys / liver, make you susceptible to premature balding or back acne (backne), cause depression / anxiety / aggression, and more. Doesn't really sound worth it in the grand scheme of things just to add a few plates to your bench press. If they don't work, you spent a ton of money for nothing, potentially damaged your liver / heart / kidneys, and possibly broke the law. Different states and different countries have laws on specific supplements and pro-hormones, and some supplement stores still sell (usually under the table) some products that have been pulled from shelves by the FDA because they can get good money for them. I would stick with the basics of lifting heavy, getting in your cardio, eating right, and taking legal and more safely proven nutritional supplements. Hope this helps and stay natural!

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