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This past week, I lost my brother-in-law Dale to cancer. He was only 44 years old, and was a husband, father to four kids, brother, son, friend–he was so much to so many people. His loss leaves a hole in my inlaws’ hearts that will never be repaired.
Cancer sucks, plain and simple. I know I am not alone in having suffered loss to this horrible disease. Which is why I want to encourage all of you to consider being a part of the Rev3 Virtual Run Across America that begins on March 26. The run serves as a fundraiser to the Ulman Cancer Fund, an organization right here in my town that is designed to help young people living with the disease. This is a population that often falls through the cracks when it comes to support services for cancer, and the Ulman Fund picks up those pieces.

Cancer survivor Jessica Protasio
A great example of how Ulman works is Jessica Protasio, a 28-year old survivor of liver cancer. When she was diagnosed two years back, Jessica had recently lost both parents and was therefore missing what would have been a big part of her support structure. After diagnosis, she was put in contact with Ulman and the organization gave her support through surgeries, a liver transplant, treatment, and more. With a heavy focus on healthy living through its Team Fight, Ulman also turned Jessica on to running. Today she is a survivor, an athlete, and an incredible inspiration to anyone who has the chance to meet her. You can read more about her story here.
For me, hearing stories like Jessica’s helps a bit with the pain of loss. Knowing that people do beat this disease and go on to thrive is a great feeling. The virtual run across America gives us all a way to channel the pain of loss and dealing with a disease like cancer into something positive.
I encourage each of you to consider getting on board with this run. The run is centered around teams of runners, each kicking in miles and/or donations. Here’s how it will go down:
Every day from March 26- April 16, 2012 a select member from you team will e-mail and report your clubs total miles for the day.
  • Each member of your club/team can log as many miles as they want over the 21 days.
  • On April 16th your clubs total miles will be added up and then divided by the number of participants of your club to give you an average miles per person. That average will be your overall points.
  • You will also be given points for fundraising. Rev3 Tri has a donation page at:  Member of your club/friends/family ANYONE can donate in your clubs name.
  • On April 16th all donations in support of your club will be totaled and divided by the total number of athletes in your club, it will then by multiplied by two. Donating = more points than running!
    • For example if you have 100 members of your club participating and you run a total of 500 miles in the given time, you will receive 5 points for miles ran. If you fundraised $3,000 for your 100 member club you will have an average of $30 per person multiplied by 2 giving you $60 per person. 5+60= 65 total points.
  • On April 16th your overall mileage and total fundraising will be added together for a grand total, whichever team has the highest number will be the winner.
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