Frugal Sports Medicine: Arthritis Neck Pain

By Phillip Peters, Inventor of Shane's Neck Brace
Arthritis neck pain is caused by the deterioration of the bones as well as the neck disc.  This disorder is known as cervical spondylosis and also osteoarthritis.
Why does arthritis in the neck happen?
  • A major factor in the development of this disorder is age.  As you grow older, you develop bone spurs. These spurs can cause pain in the neck and spine area because of pressure on the spine. This condition may get worse and lead to a condition called cervical myelopathy.
  • A disc in the neck that has degenerated can cause this condition.
  • People who have experienced neck injuries in the past are more susceptible to contracting this problem. Injuries can happen in various ways like while working out, dancing or playing a sport.
  • If someone in your immediately family has the disorder, it is possible you may developarthritis neck pain.  This condition may be hereditary.
  • Everyone knows that cigarette smoking is an atrocious habit.  What some people do not know is that it can contribute to the degeneration of muscles and bones and could lead toarthritis in the neck.
  • A person who has had traumatic experiences may develop arthritis neck pain later in life.
  • Those who have rheumatoid arthritis, cerebral palsy or Down syndrome may have a higher chance of developing this problem.  Some diseases could cause the onset ofarthritis neck pain.
What are the neck pain symptoms?
The most obvious symptom is stiffness of the neck.  If it is not treated, the problem may worsen. Pain that goes from the neck area to the arm is another sign of this disorder. Weakness of the muscles in the neck is another neck pain symptom. If the condition is accompanied by myelopathy, this may also lead to the inability to walk properly. It can also lead to numbness of the hands as well as a person’s arms. Pain when moving your neck is an obvious symptom though it can happen for many reasons.  Spasms can occur in the neck and may be a sign of this condition.
There are also some symptoms of arthritis in the neck that are not as obvious or easy to link with neck problems.  If you are irritable, it may be because of this problem.  Headaches may also be present along with neck pain. Some people experience popping of the neck or other sounds from the area when moved. Tiredness and sleeplessness may also accompany the problem.
There are many neck pain symptoms and they do not happen all of a sudden.  The problem begins earlier in time and gradually progresses.  If it is not treated early on, the problem may affect other areas of the body.
Treatments for arthritis of the neck include massaging, medicine, therapy, steroid injections and for more severe conditions, surgery is recommended but rare. Traction is also another method used as an arthritis neck pain treatment. Hot or cold compresses may also provide neck pain relief.

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