Frugal Sports Medicine: How To Use a Neck Brace

Contributed By Phillip Peters, Inventor of Shane's Neck Brace
Neck braces have been in existence for a very long time.  They are also known ascervical collars and are known to help to prevent movement of the head, decrease neck pain allow neck injuries to heal.
What is a Neck Brace used for?
If you have suffered from traumatic experience that affected your neck, you’re doctor will likely recommend using one.  This is common when a person has experienced injury to the neck in order to keep the head immobile and provide pain relief.  The usage of a brace can stop the occurrence of spinal damage as well as paralysis in the neck.
Physicians also recommend using a neck brace to help a patient heal from spinal or neck surgery.  The device should be used until the surgical incision and the neck area have both fully healed.
One of the most common reasons for the prescription of a neck brace is neck pain. Though it is not considered to be a cure, it does help alleviate and manage the pain in a beneficial way. It should be used only if prescribed by a physician and in the manner the physician has recommended it be used.
Whiplash can also be a reason for using a neck braceespecially when it is related to neck injuries. The tissue that is located by the spine can be injured and as a result, a cervical collar is required. In addition, neck pain exercises may also be recommended.
Neck collars help to ensure the spinal cord is aligned or re-aligned properly.  This is important to alleviate pain in the neck.
Some collars for the neck are used by athletes to protect themselves from neck injury.
How to Use a Neck Brace
Your doctor will usually tell you how to use a brace neck to get the maximum benefit but in general, the guidelines below will help you.
  • The neck brace should fit tightly around the neck but without causing a choke hold. It should be tight enough to prevent any head and neck movement. Your chin should be on the chin guard and not over or inside the cervical collar.
  • Keep your hair or beard outside of the device.
  • The bottom padded part should rest on the top of the chest without obstructing comfort.
  • They need to be maintained and cleaned regularly just like clothing does. Use a soap that is mild soap and dry the pads properly.  Always use a clean neck brace.
  • There are also braces that have supports on them and they should be cleaned and dried just like the regular braces. Do not use cleaning solutions that can harm the device.  Only use safe and gentle solutions that will not damage your neck cushion.
To get the maximum benefit of using a neck roll, you must use it according to a physician’s instructions or the manufacturer’s instruction.  Not doing so can result in a more serious injury than what you started out with.

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