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The benefits of exercise
As populations are living longer, people are becoming far more aware of the benefits that can be enjoyed through exercise. Losing weight, increasing life expectancy and in many cases making a new social life are obvious benefits which no one can deny whatever their size. Lowering cholesterol and fighting the fats that built up through the largely sedentary lives which the developed world leads are becoming more and more important factors in lifestyle choices.

Gym Memberships
Having a gym membership or some kind of monthly pay scheme will make you go to the gym and makes you commit to exercise. There can be no doubt that psychologically it is the most powerful way to tie you into an exercise plan and to get yourself to commit to losing weight. Once you have decided on your goal the safest way to ensure you reach it is by putting your money where your mouth is. However as times are tough, money is not as readily accessible any more for many Americans and let’s face it you do not want to be cashing in to cover what feels to most like a luxury splurge.

The thing is that private gyms club memberships are expensive and in some towns and cities frankly totally inaccessible to the average man. As the benefits of exercising are becoming more and more obvious and people are signing up to lose weight, lower cholesterol and drop a dress size demand for gym facilities is also rising and that is a great thing for you the consumer.

Gym shopping around
Because there is more demand the prices are lowered by gym providers in order to remain competitive. So if you decide to take on a gym membership, shopping around and indeed haggling for deals is a really valuable use of your time. Ask for deals and special offers and whether the manager can do anything more to secure your custom. Once you find your deal make sure you plan the gym into your schedule for the week. You must get a return on your investment. In simple terms work out how many times a week or month you need to attend to cover your monthly spend and then do more. The buzz you will get from exercising and making money through your attendance to boot is phenomenal.

Choosing the right facilities for you is equally important. Not everyone wants access to a swimming pool but for others it is a must have. Regularity of aerobics and Zumba classes is important to some but not to others and do the classes fit in with your work and family schedules? Finally if you are keen to get into the gym several times a week is there plenty of equipment and is it likely to be readily available at the sorts of times you are going to want to train?You are making a financial commitment and it is only right that you consider all that the gyms available have on offer to you as an individual. Ask if you can have a trial membership pass, so you can see what it feels like to get into some of the classes or how busy they gym area gets at the types of times you are going to want to go. Most good gyms will allow you this access to give it a go.

Pay as you go
If you really cannot afford a monthly payment commitment then look at pay as you go deals for exercise classes and gyms. With the increased market competition the savvy gym manager is aware that there is a huge market available for pay as you go, whether it is to try out the gym to get a feel for it or on a more long term basis. 

Going to the gym day in and day out can be boring and routine, and although the CV workout and resistance training is important, attending classes can add some variety and keep your motivations raised. Your goals may be to lose weight but the overriding one now is to not lose out on your membership fees either. Keep going, keep pushing yourself and keep motivated. Make a date to attend a Body Pump class or try Zumba, a Latin dance inspired workout which is guaranteed to get your heart rate up and your body sweating.

How ever you do it, the first step to exercising is getting your mind motivated to want to train and reach a goal. You then have to use that same mind to get you the deal you need to make it happen. Get yourself sweating but not at the expense of your wallet. Good luck!

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