How To Make Espresso At Home: Fresh, Frugal, & Fabulous!

By Marissa Bognano, Professional Chef & Zumba Instructor, and Author of The Boot

When I told Manu I was going to do a homemade espresso post he said,  “You’re going to change people’s lives.” 
And it’s true, because once you start drinking rich, full bodied espresso and feeling like a European, it’s hard to go back to Dunkin’s. (Though, I must admit, I love a nice iced hazelnut for summertime afternoon drives. Can you blame me?) 
My favorite word in Italian is caffè - it just rolls off the tongue and accents on the è in such a way that is so inviting, just like the stuff itself. You can’t go to someone’s house without being offered one, and you’ll most likely be invited to have one at the bar several times throughout the day as well. But if you want to be a good host or hostess, you should really know how to make a good caffè at home using a moka pot. Follow the steps and you’ll be whipping up shots for your friends in no time. It does take some trial and error so don’t be upset if it doesn’t bubble up perfectly on your first try - it took me dozens of tries to get it right! 
The moka pot consists of three pieces: the top (where the coffee comes up), the middle chamber where you put the grounds, and the bottom part where you put the water. Basically, the water gets drawn through to the second chamber and filters to become the coffee in the top chamber. Most italians have at least one of these in the house (if not many at multiple sizes) or they have a real espresso machine. 
1) Unscrew the moka pot, take out the second piece and pour water just to the line.
2) Put the chamber where the coffee will go back into the bottom piece and make sure no water comes up through the holes. If it does just pull it out, shake it off and put it back on. Repeat until no water comes up.
3) Add a little mountain of coffee, don’t pack it down. (Espresso ground coffee is much finer than the grounds you put in the drip machines!) 
4) Place the top on and wist top very tightly until you can’t twist anymore.
5) Place it on the stove on medium high heat.
6) When it starts to gurgle, turn the heat off. Let the coffee come all the way up to the top. Give it a little stir and pour. 
The fun part, after you learn to make the espresso, is to collect cute little cups and sugar bowls or frothers for cappuccino or fun trays to serve your coffee on. And once you taste how good it is, well, you’ll thank me. You can find moka pots in most stores that sell kitchen appliances in the US, so get out there and start brewing! Buon caffè! 

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