Supplement Review: ProSource NytroWhey

Contributed By Maria Waldron, Author and Owner of A LIFE TO BRAGG ABOUT

Okay guys, I'm actually pretty stoked about this. If you haven't guessed already, I LOVE my protein powder. It's a quick, easy way for me to get in extra protein when I'm not relying eggs or chicken to do the trick. And I love sneaking it into food, specifically pancakes and waffles, just for a little extra protein boost.

So when ProSource contacted me about testing out their Ultra Elite Nytro Whey protein powder, I was on that like white on rice on a paper plate in a snow storm.
I was especially excited to be trying their Nytrowhey protein. Come to me baby!

This is my excited face.

Anyway, as I've mentioned many times before, whey is my absolute favorite type of protein mainly because:
  • It's easier to digest! It has the highest number of BV (Biological Value which is the measure of your bodies ability to consume protein) which make it the fastest digesting protein. VERY important for right after a workout.
  • It enhances the production of glutathione, which is an insanely powerful antioxidant that helps strengthen our immune systems. Check!

To put it simply, whey protein is far more superior to the other types of protein powders out there. It simply tastes the best, builds muscle the fastest, and it doesn't clump like other sources of protein powders that I've tried. 

    Add to all that the fact that I've never tried a chocolate mint powder before, and my head was just blown out of the water. The possibilities of what I could do with this powder, as opposed to you know, mixing it with water and drinking it, are endless! Chocolate mint protein brownies with almond flour, double chocolate mint crackle cookies with a powdered sugar head was just swimming with ideas!

    However, the only idea that actually came to fruition was the chocolate mint oreo shake for my post workout.

    Here's how I made it:

    Mixed 1 1/2 cup of dark chocolate almond milk (Found it in Target) with 2 scoops ProSource NytroWhey Protein powder and 3 oreo cookies. Blend and there you have it!

    So my thoughts on this powder? LOVE. From the get-go I noticed the powder was very thin and fine which made for a smooth mix. Everything blended together so nicely and it super easy to go down. There was absolutely zero, zilch, nada bitter after taste and I loved that it felt like I was drinking dessert.  I also loved that you could taste the mint flavor but it wasn't overwhelming like I imagined it would. 

    And obviously, I wouldn't always make this combo as the whole point of consuming a whey protein shake is to burn fat and build muscle and Oreos kind of defeat that purpose. It was a tough leg training day for me and I wanted to treat myself and it turned out to be well worth the treat!

    So now I officially have a new favorite protein powder. And because I just finished pumping iron, excuse me while I drown myself in make love to this chocolatey goodness. 

    Sorry husband, you've been replaced ;) 

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