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Contributed By Samantha Zeigler, Owner & Author of RUNNING AND CUPCAKES

I’ll admit, when I set off on this “cleaner eating” mission a couple of weeks ago, I was skeptical. I mean, I really thought I ate right. These past couple of weeks have been eye opening – and now, more than ever, I crave the foods I need, rather than the foods I think I want. Here’s a sneak peak into what’s been going into my belly the past two weeks:
Honest Ade – 100 calories per bottle, 100% organic, 100 % freakin delicious.
Homemade Greek salad!
Balsamic chicken with lemony green beans & mushrooms (Recipe compliments of Clean Eating Magazine)
Who doesn’t love fruit salad?
Larabars are by far my favorite go to “convenience snack”
Who says Z Bars are just for kids? No high fructose corn syrup? Count me in! And it’s chocolate!
Tomato Basil Quinoa with Lemon in Salad
Apples, Almonds, and Nuun – a perfect afternoon snack!
Obviously this is all a fraction of what I’ve eaten in two weeks. I’ve also eaten a lot of oatmeal, which I’ve been CRAVING lately (Thanks Jess, Thanks Jo – I swear this is your fault).
Water, lemon water, and coconut water are my best friends, as well as Nuun. You can’t go wrong with Nuun – I hydrate during and after every workout with it.
And I did eat demolish Chinese food on Monday. Cravings. What can I say?
Oh, and wine. Less than usual, but I’m certainly not going without (I did have two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc last night – I was stressed, and had a headache).
The point of this is – I am seeing and feeling a difference. I’m glad to have finally taken the 99.9% plunge into clean eating/intuitive eating. It sure does make a difference!

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