Workouts Not Wardrobe! Frugal Fitness Tip

Let's be honest: Jennifer Anniston would look good
whether  she was wearing a $300  workout ensemble
or clothes from Wal-Mart. She's got that kind of money
 to spend, you and I don't!
I'm back again with another Frugal Fitness Tip! Today, more than ever before, going to the gym or going for your morning jog has become more about what you are wearing and what gear you have than the actual workout itself. It's really getting pretty sad. In college and many gyms I worked at I used to see countless female members in full makeup and $300+ dollar outfits just to do 30 minutes of treadmill or elliptical and a set of crunches. I see women wearing the most hip and popular workout clothing brands, not necessarily because they are superior for performance, but because celebrities are wearing them or they are a symbol of status. Or just to keep up with their peers. And it's not just women, I see more and more guys repping fashionable $50 shirts or shorts, workout watches, heart rate monitors, $30+ hats, $120+ shoes, and much more just for a few sets of bench press and curls. Sometimes I just want to punch an Abercrombie & Fitch wearing dude right in the jugular.

You don't need to look like this for your cardio workout!
You might think this is an exageration but I've seen some
similar outfits  and other ridiculousness at gyms everywhere!
So here's the deal, you can wear a $1,000 gym ensemble with all the bells and whistles and technology, and you won't get a better workout than somebody wearing a $10 gym ensemble (me) with no shoes on. It doesn't matter what you wear, or your makeup, or your fancy $500 iPhone while you are peddling slowly on the exercise bike with Resistance 1. It's about functionality, safety, and focus. I wear $10 shirts or less, $10 workout shorts, and a $15 hat at the most. Shoes actually carry with them some function but I usually stick to $40-80 options. You can buy a stop-watch for $5 or a wrist watch for $10 if you just need to time yourself. You can buy a pedometer cheap too instead of $200 Nikes with built in microchip. I run my own business so sometimes I bring my old Droid X to my workout, but let's face it, they are nothing but distractions (unless you are watching Frugal Fitness TV or reading my posts during your workout :)  ). I've worn workout clothes that I've found in the Lost & Found (washed first). It's time to save some money, and distraction, and focus on what really matters: achieving the goal you set out for at the beginning of the workout. If you are doing things right, you will look good to others (and what other people think shouldn't matter that much anyways).

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