Summer Six Pack!

Contributed By Samantha Zeigler, Author / Owner of Running & Cucpakes
If only I was talking about beer…
Over the past week or so, Kevin and I set out on our own personal challenge to have six-pack abs by Chicago Marathon Weekend. My original goal was the end of the year, but I needed something a bit more challenging!
So far, the first week has been successful. Here’s what we’re doing:
  1. Cutting back on alcohol. It’s so easy in the summer to get wrapped up in a couple beers here and a couple beers there, or wine, or whatever suits your fancy. Those calories add up so fastand they’re nothing but empty calories. Notice I said cutting back, not cutting out. 
  2. Eating much more lean protein, fruits, and veggies rather than carbs. Again, not cutting out carbs (that’ll never happen in my world!), just cutting back.
  3. Working those abs like crazy at the gym! Okay so we haven’t been hugely successful in this department in the first week – we definitely need to kick our own butts a bit more! I’ve had the opportunity to work mine a bit more than Kevin, because I did some core workouts with a client while she was doing them. If that’s what it takes for me to win this thing  Oh, did I mention it’s a competition? Did I even tell Kevin that? Hmmmm…
My mom thinks I’m obsessed but honestly my reasoning is sound!
  • I want a strong core ( who doesn’t?), especially to help achieve my Chicago time goals.
  • Face it – a six pack is sexy.
  • By embarking on this challenge it forces us to rethink our food and drink choices – leading to healthier eating habits.
  • Six-pack = less belly fat = HEALTHY
We have 12 weeks! I know that we can do this – anyone want to jump in on this with us?

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