Fried Grouper Sandwich & Baked Fish Recipes

Contributed By Christie O, Author of Average Moms Wear Capes

This week I’m sharing recipes that I used to make the fish we caught! Earlier this week I went deep sea fishing with my dad and we came home and immediately tore up the giant grouper we caught. That’s kind of our thing.
It’s pretty amazing when one minute you’re on the Gulf of Mexico reeling in a fish and the next, that same fish is on your dinner table. I almost can’t think about it that way, I almost feel bad and yes, it’s a little weird.
Except that it was soooo good.
So of course on the way home I was Googling a fried grouper sandwich recipe because down here we do fried grouper sandwiches. Our area of Clearwater and St. Pete is home to some of the best fried grouper sandwiches anywhere in the world. I can’t confirm that last part (I’ve never had grouper in any other part of the world)  but that’s what I hear anyways.
Not to worry, I don’t only have fried here, I also caught some snapper and made an amazing baked snapper that was to die for (you can substitute salmon for it, we made that too but we didn’t catch that one, we bought it.) By the way, I think my body was craving Omega 3′s from the amount of fish we ate this week. Which was fine with me! I’ll give you both recipes in this post, starting with the fried grouper sandwich adapted from this recipe I found online that copies a restaurant here in St. Pete Beach.
Next up! A healthy baked fish recipe! Because I feel the need to balance out the fried.
You can really swap out any fish in this recipe, I used the snapper I caught and I also made salmon this way too, both were delicious and both were HUGE HITS with the kids by the way. This recipe was adapted from a Pinterest recipe too.   
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