Review of Reebok RealFlex Athletic Shoes: #GetAfterIt

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Hey Frugal Fitness Fans. Did you know that The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived? Well if you didn't know, your @ss better calllll somebodaaaay! (That's a WWE Road Dogg quote circa 1998 if you didn't know haha) It has indeed arrived with Reebok, the company that is focused on premium athletic apparel and gear for all your fitness needs. In my opinion, nothing epitomizes Reebok's commitment to the sportsman than it's premium athletic shoes like the innovative RealFlex line for running and cross-training.

I got my first pair of RealFlex's in September and fell in love with them the first workout. I did plenty of bodybuilding workouts, workout videos for Frugal Fitness TV, and trained plenty of personal training clients of all levels in them. They worked like a charm and conformed to my feet perfectly while giving me ideal support. Then I used them for my first run. It took me a mile to get used to them but once I did I really appreciated the bounce and cushion they provided! My usual running route involves a lot of switching on and off of sidewalks, avoiding suburban and a couple urban obstacles, traffic dodging, and a lot of hills. My chronic right ankle pain was minimized or eliminated with the cushion provided by these shoes which really helped a great deal. By the time I ran my 2nd Warrior Dash, I was able to take 3 minutes off my time (that's huge) by switching to these over my old brand. Just last week I ran a 5k for charity and I clocked my best time in about 9 years! Love these things, I highly recommend them! Buy Your Own and feel the Reebok RealFlex difference!

So if you are looking to lower your race times, improve your workout performance, and prevent injuries with a high quality shoe, make it Reebok's RealFlex. Enjoy the great shoe and remember to Get After It!

Feels good to lace up these bad boys!

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