Holiday Elf For Health Fitness Challenge

Contributed By Samantha Zeigler, Author of Running and Cupcakes
Round 1 of Elf4Health is already over! I cannot believe it. I had a great elf, Helen, of Hevil’s Special Delights. We chatted and kept in touch with each other with ideas about how to accomplish each of the individual challenges.

Week 1:
Week 1 challenges included Meatless Monday, sending a handwritten note to a friend, trying a new workout, spending 15 minutes meditating, eating the rainbow, and donating clothes/shoes to charity.
I successfully completed all of these, except the donation – I just recently moved and had already cleaned out my clothes and shoes and did a big donation then.
Meatless Monday!
For the handwritten note, I wrote a thank you card to one of my roommates because he had gone about and beyond for me the previous week.
Wednesday I did a leg workout with a coworker that left me sore for two days!
Thursday I woke up and tried very hard to meditate, but there was road work going on outside my house and it was all I could hear! Other elves suggested I try in the shower – so I got into the shower, and sure enough was able to clear my head.
Friday I ate the rainbow by eating leftovers of my homemade Spanish rice which had orange and yellow peppers, red kidney beans, tomatoes, and celery in it.
Week 2:
During week 2 we tracked our fiber intake for a day, made homemade salad dressing (which I did not do, because I didn’t have the ingredients, but I shared this recipe), pack a healthy snack and share with a friend (I shared veggies and hummus with my downstairs neighbor!), Thursday was supposed to be weight lifting day but I did yoga instead, and Friday was go makeup free.
I wasn’t as successful during week 2 as I was during week 1 – I only completed two of the challenges. I don’t go makeup free normally, and I had to work so I really didn’t go makeup free. Working with the public I have to look as good as possible all the time!
I’m looking forward to working with my new elf, Autumn. She contacted me right away yesterday, and again already today!
Are you participating in Elf4Health? There’s one more round after this, it’s not too late to sign up!

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