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Frugal Fitness Healthy Breakfast Recipes Lean Affordable Delicious Nutrition

I get questions all the time about what the healthiest breakfast is or what someone should eat when they wake up to help them lose weight but still have energy during the day. While it depends on your dietary preferences and goals, here is one response I provided to a Frugal Fitness fan. 

Your Question:

"Can i get tips to keep body tightened for long time? I would like your professional help in regards to diet. Can i get some tips for breakfast and what should i must consume for breakfast to keep my body lean and tight?"

-Frugal Fitness Facebook Fan & Frugal Fitness TV Subscriber

Frugal Fitness Answer:

Some good questions that I get a lot. As you may have heard a thousand times, breakfast is the most important meal of the day so what you choose can make or break your diet and physique. No matter what I'd recommend that you should opt for lean proteins such as egg whites, lean meats, or whey protein powder. Fruit is usually good in the morning for some simple (but healthy) carbohydrates and antioxidants. A lot of people also like to opt for oatmeal because it provides plenty of fiber and complex carbohydrates for long lasting energy. A cup of coffee or tea can also help jump-start the metabolism but make sure you are also adequately hydrating. So you don't get bored, there are a variety of different shakes, breakfast sandwiches, protein pancakes, whole grain breakfast wraps, omelettes, and much more to help you get and stay lean.

Frugal Fitness Healthy Breakfast Recipes Lean Affordable Delicious Nutrition

For additional ideas, check out my Free Frugal Recipes page and the official page of The Frugal Diet.

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