A Couple Of Couple Workouts

Winter is here! Although there are plenty of great winter workouts, it might feel like you're stuck doing some repetitive and uninspired indoor workouts for the next 3-5 months depending on where you live. That can spell disaster for your motivation, especially during the holiday season. But luckily for you there are plenty of "couples workouts" that can spice up your workout regimen.

Time flies during the holiday season as well and Valentine's Day will be here before you know it, which means spending time with your better half. Why not spend that time in the gym, or working out for free at home? That's why back in the day I teamed up with Spartan Race Pro Laura Messner for a couple of couple workouts. While we were never a real couple and just fitness friends, you can do these effective workouts with your significant other (or BFF) for some real results and frugal fun.

Try them out today, stay warm, Happy Holidays, and Happy Valentine's Day!

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I hope you enjoyed this free couple's workout! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year in your fitness journey!

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