5 Obstacles All Runners Have To Overcome

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Sometimes I feel like running never gets easier. From your very first run to pushing yourself farther distances, all frugal runners will face 5 distinct challenges they will have to overcome to keep progressing in this frugal sport. 

1. Forming The Running Habit 

The first major hurdle all runners have dealt with is developing a habit of running. Sadly, the oft- repeated “21 days to form a habit” isn’t necessarily true when it comes to running; the harder the habit you are trying to form, the longer it will take. A newer study has found that it takes on average 66 days to form a new habit! So you may not spring out the door for your run on day 22. Don’t let that discourage you. When you're first starting out, or starting back up again after a long break, focus on more running often rather than running far. 

2. Mixing Up Your Workouts 

Runners may mistakenly assume that running is all the exercise they need. If you want to improve your running, your body needs more than one type of workout to maintain optimal performance. Running targets mostly your lower body, so you may want to look into things like swimming and weightlifting to balance out the movement and strengthening in your body. This way you will build muscle evenly and be less injury prone, as you will be promoting more even stress on your body. 

Your running will also benefit from strength training. Building the muscles in your length will improve your endurance and strengthening your core will prevent running related fatigue and injuries. 

3. Running With Aches and Pains 

In no way should you run on an injury. The aches and pains we're talking about here are the sore glutes you have from doing 100 squats the day before. As mentioned above, strengthening your muscles by doing varied workouts other than running will improve your running ability. But not if you're skipping your run because you're too sore from the day before. There will be a lot of days where you just have to push through it. But trust me, it's a great way to stretch your muscles and release some of that lactic acid that's causing the soreness. The next time you're considering taking time off from your normal running routine, know this: you can lose up to 50% of your progress by sitting out for one week! I recommend you follow a running training program that has rest days built in. That way you can avoid the temptation to skip your workouts and still fit your rest in. Make sure to do some stretches to recover as you rest so your muscles are ready the next time you go to run. 

4. Enduring Run-Induced Boredom 

Running is a repetitive sport, so there may be more than one time a runner will have to move past the looming wall of boredom to keep running. 

Some ways you can break through run-induced boredom are: 

● Listen to a variety of things (podcasts, audiobooks, music) 
● Set new running goals 
● Throw track routines into your schedule 
● Plan new routes 
● Sign up for a race 
● Join a running club or find new running partners 

5. Breaking Down THE Wall 

You know the one I'm talking about - that wall you hit that's telling you to STOP. This wall seems like your own personal limit. You may have heard runners talk about a time during a race or training where they “hit the wall”. Maybe your wall is at mile 11 during a half marathon, or mile 24 while running a full marathon. Wherever this wall is, something about that distance makes your body just say “Well, I’m done.” 

But you’re not. You broke through the other four walls that others run into and you can break down this last wall. Practice, persistence, and sheer will are all you need to work through your running walls. 

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I hope you enjoyed this article about walls that all runners need to get over to continue progressing in their cardiovascular performance.

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