How to Keep The Gym Clean And Stay Safe From Infection

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Gyms are an essential part of many people’s lives, providing opportunities for fitness, leisure and socializing. Unfortunately, a gym has extra risk factors that make it easier to get an infection there. With new diseases being discovered all the time, it is necessary for gym owners and customers to know the best ways to keep a gym as clean and safe as a top-rated gym or health club. 

The Dangers Of Dirty & Disorganized Gyms

So which infections could be lurking in a gym? Quite a few, unfortunately, which can range from inconvenient to life-threatening. The most common infections spread in gyms are fungal infections like athlete's foot. Common sicknesses can also be spread such as cold and flu viruses. The most dangerous infections include E.Coli and Hepatitis A, which is transmitted through fecal matter. 

What Can Be Done To Keep It Clean

There is no "magic bullet" that is going to make a gym clean. However, there are many simple and easy practices that gym goers can do and gym owners can encourage their customers to do. 

1. Disinfecting Gym Equipment 

One of the most important things that prevent sickness at the gym is disinfecting gym equipment before and after use. Using disinfecting wipes or a spray made of ammonia solution will kill bacteria on equipment if allowed to sit for a few moments. Anywhere a gym patron touches or sweats in should be disinfected including machines, free weights and floor mats. 

2. Protecting The Body In The Locker Room & Bathrooms

Shower floors, bathrooms, and locker room benches are havens for infectious bacteria and fungi. Gym goers should always wear flip-flops or other foot protection in the locker room, especially in the shower; always avoid going barefoot at the gym. Sterilizing these areas is an essential duty for gym and health club employees. You don't want to use just any cheap cleaner in this case. For the best bathroom cleaners for gyms and sports clubs, click this link to learn more about it here.

Sitting on a bench unclothed is also inadvisable, especially on wooden or cloth benches and chairs. So don't be that naked locker room guy walking around talking to members or sitting on his bare bottom. 

3. Regular Washing Of Personal Items 

Wash all gym clothes and towels after use and store soiled items in plastic bags, even when transporting them in personal gym bags. Personal germs are largely harmless, but clothes and gym bags can pick up bacteria on contact. Plastic or vinyl gym bags inhibit bacteria growth. 

4. Staying Away During Times Of Illness 

Stay away from the gym during periods of infection or encourage customers to take time off when they are sick. Don’t swim in pools or shower in locker rooms while suffering from open wounds. Exercising while sick can prolong illness and contaminating other gym goers can pose re-infection dangers. 

Everyone Must Do Their Part 

Gym safety and hygiene is everyone's responsibility, customer and owner. The gym is a place to get healthy, not sick and hygienic practices will help keep it that way. ​Everyone at the gym should keep it clean and safe!

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